What A Week!

Since the last time I post­ed, I expe­ri­enced my very first severe Cana­di­an ice storm (yes, in frickin’ April!), bombs explod­ed dur­ing the Boston Marathon killing 3, bombs explod­ed in Bagh­dad killing a lot more than in Boston, major earth­quakes hap­pened in Iran, fer­til­iz­er plant explod­ed in West, Texas and prac­ti­cal­ly flat­tened the whole town, and overnight the Boston marathon bomb­ing sus­pects were found, one of them killed in a fire­fight, the oth­er one was still on the run as of this writ­ing. Seri­ous­ly, what the hell?!?

It’s a good thing that human being is so resilient. I just wish that those with the need to kill and destroy would sim­ply get a hob­by when they get bored or get tired of life. A harm­less one, that is. Like cro­chet­ing, or cook­ing, or kick­box­ing. Seri­ous­ly.

I say seri­ous­ly a lot, don’t I?

I guess of all the things I men­tioned in the first para­graph, I only have the good author­i­ty to write about the ice storm because I expe­ri­enced it first hand. It wasn’t all that excit­ing to start with, unless you find hav­ing a pow­er out­age for 10 hours in a cold weath­er excit­ing. The pow­er out­age was most­ly caused by ice-laden tree branch­es blown by high wind for an extend­ed amount of time which then broke and fell on the hydro lines. When we went for a walk around the neigh­bour­hood a cou­ple of days ago, there were still plen­ty of bro­ken tree branch­es on people’s yards and even on the side­walk. We also saw a cou­ple of bro­ken hydro poles on the way out of town. I guess we were lucky to only lose pow­er for 10 hours. Some peo­ple had no hydro up until Mon­day (the ice storm hap­pened from Thurs­day night to Fri­day after­noon).

In oth­er news, our trip to Ice­land is offi­cial­ly only weeks away! Yay! The tri­pod I bought from Korea last week still hasn’t left Korea! Boo! I couldn’t find my GoPro cam­era but then my love­ly hus­band, the King of Lost & Found, found it for me! Yay! I think I might have caught a cold! Boo! But then again, it might be just the roller­coast­er of a weath­er we’ve been hav­ing that makes me feel like crap. 24 degrees above zero yes­ter­day, 2 degrees below zero tomor­row. My body is so con­fu­u­u­u­used!

I’m real­ly not sure whether to pack for win­ter or spring weath­er. Though puf­fin sight­ings have been report­ed (sure sign of spring, they say), it doesn’t look like spring has com­plete­ly arrived through­out Ice­land, and espe­cial­ly not in the North­ern Ice­land. I’m so glad that I decid­ed against going to Ice­land in April. Hope­ful­ly between now and they day we hop on the plane that’s going to take us to Ice­land, spring will arrive. Like, for real. 

I just lis­tened to the weath­er fore­cast read­ing on the Ice­landic Met Office web­site and it made me gig­gle. At first I thought it was in Ice­landic but then real­ized it was in Eng­lish. The guy who read it real­ly didn’t think much of punc­tu­a­tions. :-)

I shall end this post with my favourite song from my new favourite Ice­landic band, Of Mon­sters and Men. Enjoy!

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