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We had our home ener­gy audit done today. Accord­ing to the audi­tor, our house isn’t bad for a house this old (90 years old) but the base­ment real­ly needs to be insu­lat­ed because it’s a major heat leak. No won­der the main floor is always so cold in the autumn and win­ter. We have 18 months to do some­thing about it in order to qual­i­fy for the gov­ern­ment rebates/grants. We’re pro­cras­ti­na­tors so we’ll see. ;)

The Fall ver­sion of the ‘Roid Week began today. Troy helped me hack a Polaroid Land Auto­mat­ic 100 cam­era we bought ages ago last night because I want­ed to use it dur­ing the ‘Roid Week. The hack was to make the cam­era take 3 AAA bat­ter­ies instead of some obscure and obso­lete bat­tery that I don’t think is avail­able any­where in Cana­da. We fol­lowed the instruc­tions found here but not real­ly to a tee since we couldn’t find the 4xAAA bat­tery hold­er and had to use two 2xAAA hold­ers instead but eh, it works. It helps to have an engi­neer in the house­hold. It took awhile for me to get the hang of the cam­era, but I think I have now. In fact, I just bought more film for it off eBay. Oh to be a film junkie!

While oth­ers seem to have recur­ring dreams about being in love with, say, celebri­ties, I have recur­ring dreams about being in love with my own hus­band. It’s weird, as in “well duh!” weird.

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  1. I’m think­ing of start­ing a com­pa­ny where peo­ple can hire engi­neers to come round to their house to fix stuff and solve prob­lems, because I’m not sure how I’d live with­out one now…!

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