Lovely Saturday

This past Sat­ur­day we decid­ed against going on a thrift­ing round, which is what we usu­al­ly do on a Sat­ur­day. When my hus­band asked what I felt like doing that day, I said, “Going to Goderich and get two dozen but­ter tarts!” and to which he said, “That’s what I’m think­ing, too!” We are so in tune it’s not even fun­ny.

It was a nice day for a dri­ve. Sun­ny, with tem­per­a­tures around 7–8°C. Per­fect sweater weath­er! At least for Cana­di­ans. Goderich is about 30–45 min­utes dri­ve from our home­town Strat­ford. We got to dri­ve through some quaint lit­tle towns along the way. We only stopped at one of those lit­tle towns because my hus­band want­ed to check out a thrift store. I think it was the town of Clin­ton. I decid­ed to stay in the car, which was parked in front of this store:

"Say Sorry" like a Canadian!
“Say Sor­ry” like a good Cana­di­an!

After I took that pic­ture, a cou­ple with a pup­py walked past and then the pup­py pooped and the own­er took out a plas­tic bag out of his pock­et to stoop and scoop. Well done, dog own­er! Nice to see some­one who actu­al­ly gives a crap. Oh wait…

When we got to Goderich, after stop­ping at a cou­ple of thrift stores (of course), we went straight to the Culbert’s Bak­ery. They make my most favourite but­ter tarts ever. The but­ter tarts were already picked out when we got there because it was ear­ly in the after­noon already. Our only options were coconut, pecans, and some cheap raisin but­ter tarts. I want­ed the pecans. My hus­band want­ed the raisins because he’s cheap that way. Since we couldn’t decide on which kind to get, we end­ed up buy­ing half a dozen of each. Of course the pecan ones are the best kind. They’ve got home­made crust and per­fect fill­ing while the cheap ones have store-bought crust and run-of-the-mill, noth­ing-to-write-home-about fill­ing.

I don’t have any good pho­tos of the but­ter tarts but here’s a cou­ple of pho­tos from the bak­ery:

I had these two kinds of shortbread last year and they were yum!
I had these two kinds of short­bread last year and they were yum!
The cookies were also yum. Must try the jam some time.
The choco­late chip cook­ies were yum­my, too. Must try the jam some time.

We also picked up a cou­ple squares of triple choco­late brown­ies. We ate them while sit­ting on a bench in the lake front. I found the brown­ie a bit too rich so I only ate half of mine and gave the oth­er half to my hus­band, who was only too hap­py to stuff it into his mouth. While he was nom­ming, an elder­ly cou­ple walked by and the lady laughed and said to us (well, most­ly to my hus­band), “You stopped at the bak­ery too, did you? Bad, bad!” (I always find it weird when ran­dom peo­ple talk to us but it hap­pens more often then expect­ed. I guess we look too friend­ly?)

We saw a cou­ple of freighters docked by a Sifto salt plant on our way in and I just had to take some pic­tures of them because they look so majes­tic!

My guess is one from Manitoba, the other one from Sault Ste. Marie.
My guess is one from Man­i­to­ba, the oth­er one from Sault Ste. Marie.
I just like the typography.
I just like the typog­ra­phy.

Once we fin­ished check­ing out the freighters and the water fowls around them, we start­ed walk­ing down the pier to check out the lake.

Supposedly the spot to see the best sunset in North America.
Sup­pos­ed­ly the spot to see the best sun­set in North Amer­i­ca.
Lake Huron iceberg is nothing like Newfoundland iceberg.
Lake Huron ice­berg is noth­ing like New­found­land ice­berg.
It's too cold for diving and swimming anyway.
It’s too cold for div­ing and swim­ming any­way.

It got a bit cold after a while so we decid­ed to head back to the car and dri­ve along the lake shore and then back to the down­town area to have lunch at the Union Burg­er. I’ve seen Union Burg­er out­lets being built every where but had nev­er seen one that’s actu­al­ly open until that day. I had a Pep­per­jack Chipo­tle Burg­er (I think that’s what it’s called). It was a bit too saucy but tast­ed pret­ty good! I’d have it again.

Pepperjack Chipotle Burger at Union Burger in Goderich.
Pep­per­jack Chipo­tle Burg­er at Union Burg­er in Goderich.

After lunch, we drove south towards the town of Bay­field. We have tick­ets to see the Great Lake Swim­mers per­form in Bay­field in June and we just want­ed to see the venue. Bay­field is also a love­ly lit­tle town with a nice view of Lake Huron.

Nope. Not dumping anything.
Nope. Not dump­ing any­thing. Or any­one. Not even a hus­band.
Ah, pretty Lake Huron. The closest thing to the ocean around here.
Ah, pret­ty Lake Huron. The clos­est thing to an ocean around here.

But then the burg­er that my hus­band had made him make a run for the bath­room. His stom­ach is very del­i­cate and doesn’t deal with home­made-style burg­ers very well. He parked the car in front of this cute lit­tle book shop before he went to an inn to use the facil­i­ty.

I would love a house like that.
I would love to live in a house like that.

Once my hus­band fin­ished doing his busi­ness, we drove back home, played a game of Pow­er Grid, and I lost. Sad lla­ma. :-( It was still a good day, though!

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