Capote and V

We went to see Capote and V for Vendet­ta last week­end. Both movies are kind of dis­turb­ing and both show how human beings can be so manip­u­la­tive.
I think the Oscar for Philip Sey­mour Hoff­man was well-deserved. His act­ing was great. Though I wish he got an antag­o­nis­tic role less often. Well, some peo­ple might think that his role as Capote was pro­tag­o­nis­tic, but he was an antag­o­nist to me (you have to see the movie to under­stand). The movie was kind of slow at times and I did yawn a cou­ple of times but it wasn’t so slow that you’d want to leave. It’s a so-slow-but-I-have-to-see-the-end­ing kind of movie.
We saw Capote at our local inde­pen­dent cin­e­ma here in Water­loo, but we saw V for Vendet­ta at one of those IMAX the­atres with a screen as tall as a six-storey build­ing, near Toron­to (because the boys just had to see Natal­ie Port­man BIG). Now I don’t think I could be hap­py with see­ing a movie at any reg­u­lar-sized screen cin­e­mas any­more. Dammit. It was real­ly that good. The IMAX tech­nol­o­gy, I mean (yea, Troy, I heard you: Cana­di­an tech­nol­o­gy yad­da, yad­da, yad­da). Well, the movie was also pret­ty good. I didn’t real­ly mind the explo­sions. I just didn’t quite enjoy the blood-shed parts (even fake blood gives me shiv­ers). I did, how­ev­er, enjoy the sto­ry­line. Makes me want to read the graph­ic nov­el the movie was based on.
Did I say blogger’s block? Nah!

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  1. From the moment Capote act­ed like “i’m-such-a-genius-writer-who-can-just-use-people,” I freak­ing hat­ed that a-shat… Sor­ry, I real­ly did. I thought the movie was great pro­duc­tion-wise, but man, talk about arro­gance.

  2. I have not seen either movie but read the sto­ry about the tus­sle between the V for Vendet­ta cre­ator and the fim mak­ers.
    On a per­son­al note, my blog pass­es the 1 year mark today.
    Feel free to send me one of your won­der­ful pho­tos or write a haiku and I will add it to ‘Serge the Concierge’.
    Take care

  3. Capote was one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen, based sole­ly on Philip Sey­mour Hoffman’s act­ing per­for­mance.
    I’d say the same about Good­night and Good Luck, and David Strathairn. =)

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