2006 Recap


Well, since this entry is prob­a­bly my last entry for this year, I might as well post my 2006 recap. When it comes to pho­tog­ra­phy, 2006 has been a good year for me.

– One of my hon­ey­moon pho­tos made the Uta­ta front page.
— I learned to do my own black and white film devel­op­ment and Troy got me a scan­ner than can scan both 35mm and medi­um for­mat films.
— I par­tic­i­pat­ed in this year’s World Pin­hole Pho­tog­ra­phy Day and one of my pin­hole pho­tos end­ed up being my most pop­u­lar shot on Flickr.
— One of my Hol­ga pho­tos won a prize in this year’s World Toy Cam­era Day.
— I got the word this month that anoth­er one of my Hol­ga pho­tos will be pub­lished in the Win­ter issue of Lightleaks Mag­a­zine, com­ing out either in late Jan­u­ary or ear­ly Feb­ru­ary 2007.
— I got all the cam­eras I’d ever want­ed (this includes a Rolle­icord, a Yashica Mat, a Canon Dig­i­tal Rebel XTi, and a Lomo LC-A).
— I got around to putting togeth­er my pho­tog­ra­phy port­fo­lio, even though it’s still very much a work in progress.

Pho­tog­ra­phy aside, this year has been pret­ty unevent­ful, except for Troy’s one week of hos­pi­tal­i­sa­tion due to appen­dici­tis and my stom­ach prob­lem. Both were big pains in the back­side.

Here’s hop­ing for a bet­ter health next year, anoth­er good pho­tog­ra­phy year for me, and an all-around good year for every­one!

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  1. Wow!
    That’s a very impres­sive year for your pho­tog­ra­phy. You have lots of tal­ent, I think, and are get­ting lots of expe­ri­ence.
    I used to devel­op & print my bw pho­tos, so I know it can be fun. These days I’m absolute­ly sold on dig­i­tal, though. Every time I think of get­ting a film cam­era, usu­al­ly medi­um for­mat because I used to have a Rollei and would love anoth­er, I think of the whole process vs. dig­i­tal. Guess what? I stick with dig­i­tal. I’m lazy.
    I love your work. Keep it up because it just gets bet­ter & bet­ter.

  2. Wow, your pho­tog­ra­phy is just sen­sa­tion­al!!
    I stum­bled across your Blog after using your Design Tool to cre­ate my Blog! Thank you, it made my life so much eas­i­er. Although my Blog is still extreme­ly basic!!
    I also have an inter­est in Pho­tog­ra­phy (I am a Scrap­book­er) and have just pur­chased a Canon EOS400D Although there is a short­age here in Aus­tralia and am still wait­ing for it. I’ve already been wait­ing 8 weeks, and may have anoth­er 4 week wait!
    Have fun with your new cam­era! I can’t wait to see some more of your pho­tos.

  3. My friend brought me cup­cakes like those last month. It has crazy amounts of icing. Any­way, I just want­ed to wish you a hap­py new year.

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