The Bloggies™, Again!

The Bloggies™ site is back up now and turns out that I’ve not only been nominated for the Best Asian Weblog but also for Lifetime Achievement! Yikes! I don’t think I’d be able to compete with big names like Tom Coates, Ernie Hsiung, Meg Hourihan and Derek Powazek, but thanks anyway for your nominations. Like I said before, I’m flattered. But really, the other nominees are more deserving of your votes since the only things I’ve contributed to the weblogging world are a bunch of stupid weblogging quizzes, a silly weblog award generator, and a simple weblog layout generator. I haven’t written any book or article on weblogging, nor have I delivered any thought-provoking speeches in any weblogging conference. I do wish I could contribute more, though.


  1. Ryan
    January 24, 2005

    You’re in good company there. I still wish you the best. Deserving is probably an understatement.

  2. chrys
    January 24, 2005

    “Bloggies” – needs to buy some more space! They’ve exceeded their “bandwidth” – regular occurance? Can’t even go see what’s the “fuss” – – Regardless – your “place” is deserving of whatever comes around – great work! :-)

  3. nikkiana
    January 24, 2005

    And for that, I voted for you. Congratulations. :)

  4. Troy
    January 24, 2005

    Congrats. You deserve both of those nominations (though you also deserve best Canadian blog as well :) ).

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