№ 4 – Reynisfjara, Iceland

We arrived at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland at the same time a bus full of tourists did. We tried to rush towards the beach to get some pictures without the horde of tourists in it but, alas, they were too fast! Then the weather changed from cloudy to cloudy with some drizzles and the wind started to pick up. Soon we found ourselves standing in the middle of a storm. We saw some pretty big waves crashing against the basalt columns this beach is famous for. A bunch of tourists took cover in a shallow cave. We just made sure we were standing far enough from the water because the waves on this beach are known to be treacherous. I heard it’s due to the fact that there is nothing between this beach and the South Pole.

Luckily the weather changed back to the way it was earlier after 5-10 minutes of stormy weather and the tourists took the opportunity to go back to the bus, except for this one guy who was busy taking close-up pictures of the rocks. I figured he must have thought we were part of the bus tour and the fact that we were still sticking around meant he was good. Just to let him know that we weren’t part of the tour, I asked my husband a little loudly (just loud enough for the tourist to overhear me) where we’re planning to drive to after this and where we’re going to have lunch. Well, dude got the hint and he started running towards the bus. Good thing the bus hadn’t left without him. Finally, we had the lovely beach all to ourselves. Win!

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