Our 7th Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary. We decided to go to an Indian restaurant for our anniversary dinner. There are two Indian restaurants in our town. I couldn’t decide which one to go to (and yes, Troy always makes me make all the hard decisions) but then I found out that one of them is closed on Mondays. Decision-making averted. YES!

I was starving when we got to the restaurant because I purposely didn’t have anything for lunch. I wanted to maximize my belly capacity for the goodness that awaited me at dinner. Once again I had to make the tough decision on what to order. I let my grumbling belly decide and it decided that we have the $80 dinner-for-two menu instead of the $25 per person 3-course dinner. Belly was hungry!

And so it began. For the first round, we were served pappadums and a tray of dipping sauces. Second round, it was a selection of appetizers which included vegetable pakoras, bite-sized chicken tikka and, um, slices of something that might have been an Indian-style sausage. Not sure what it’s actually called and I’m too lazy to look it up. Third round was the main course. We had butter chicken, some shrimp dish and chick pea curry thing with rice and naan. Halfway through this round, I was full, but I soldiered on. By the time the third round was over, I was uncomfortably full. So full that it was hard to breathe.

But wait, there’s more! There was a fourth round: dessert. I chose to have some mango ice cream. Troy chose the pineapple sorbet. I thought nothing could make me feel even more uncomfortable than I already was, and especially not a bowl of mango ice cream. Oh, how wrong I was. When it was all over, all I wanted to do was to lie flat on the couch at home so I could breath easy. I went to the washroom while Troy was struggling to finish his gigantic pineapple sorbet (it was literally the size of half of a pineapple) and did both number one and number two, hoping that it would release some pressure and make me breath easier. Nope. It didn’t help at all.

When I went back to our table, Troy was still working on his pineapple sorbet. He joked that at least it wasn’t a pumpkin sorbet because sorbet the size of half a pumpkin would take even longer to finish. After what felt like hours, Troy finished his dessert and a long while later, we got the bill, paid and went back home. I laid flat on the couch as soon as I got home. Then we watched the latest episode of A Game of Thrones. I felt like human again by the end of show. I must say that I don’t quite enjoy feeling like an overstuffed bag of food.

On our 7th anniversary, I was convinced that death by Indian food is a thing.

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  1. Kleidergirl
    October 31, 2012

    Well that sounds very good for the end the damned 7th year..


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