New Glasses!

So I’m back home again. Well, I’ve been home since the 18th but I just didn’t really have anything to post. But now I actually have something to post because, after being stuck with a pair of glasses with lenses as thick as the bottom of a Coke bottle for 8 years, I finally got myself a new pair of glasses with thinner lenses and all, and they are so cool! The frame colour is so close to my skin colour that when you see me from a distance, you’d think that I’m not wearing glasses at all. Here’s a picture of me wearing the said glasses. Isn’t it the coolest pair of glasses you’ve ever seen? ;) Well, maybe not. But I really, really, really like it. And that’s about all the excitement I’ve got since I got back to Indonesia. Sad, huh?

On a happier note, I’ll probably be going back to Canada again within a month because I don’t think I’ve annoyed the boy enough. Plus, he still owes me some authentic, Quebec-made poutine and a couple more hiking trips. :) I miss all the hiking trips almost as much as I miss my hiking companion.
Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive because you care. Right? Right? I know you do. :) Now go out and breathe some fresh air for me. Go, go, go!!!


  1. George
    September 27, 2004

    Those glasses are lovely.

  2. Lisa
    September 27, 2004

    Those glasses are quite fetching! I hope you had a wonderful trip and enjoy your next one!

  3. Jordan
    September 27, 2004

    I love the new glasses, Firda! Let me know what your itinerary for your next trip to Canada is.

  4. Rebecca (the 2nd)
    September 27, 2004

    I like the glasses. :)

  5. Rori
    September 27, 2004

    Your comment was denied for questionable content
    *trying to figure out the offending words*

  6. wren
    September 27, 2004

    Those glasses are great!!

  7. Ryan
    September 27, 2004

    You are working those glasses! Glad to see you’re back at home, even if it might be temporarily. ;)

  8. Laura
    September 27, 2004

    Hey, you’re glasses look great!
    Also glad to hear that you’re coming back, Poutine, from Quebec is so disgustingly good!

  9. Troy (aka The Boy)
    September 27, 2004

    A new post. New glasses and your returning to me soon. What could be better? :)

  10. SMooSH
    September 27, 2004

    Very nice indeed…
    Poutine is a delectable evil…In a “This heart attack is worth it” kind of way…

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