My Bakkagerði Dream Home

This is my dream home by the Norwegian sea in Bakkagerði.

Bakkagerði is a hamlet in Borgarfjörður Eystri, in the East Fjords region of Iceland. In the summer time, it’s a hiker’s dream. There are a lot of trails to hike, though they were all still closed for the season when we were there in May.

Winters are likely harsh around here, but I think I’d be fine spending those months just staring out the window, watching the waves roll by from the warmth and comfort of the house.

Horses of Iceland

Icelandic horses

Like any self-respecting visitors of Iceland, I took a boatload of pictures of the adorable Icelandic horses while I was there. I read so much before our visit about how friendly these horses were and how they would come to you and practically ask for a pet, so I wasn’t prepared for the harsh reality:

The number of horses I saw: Too many to count.
The number of horses who didn’t mind being pet by me: One.

Iceland Attractions: My Recommendations, Part 1

Iceland attractions

It had been three months since our trip to Iceland so I guess it’s about time that I write something about it, or at least about my favourite Iceland attractions. I had been putting off writing it down, partly because I didn’t think my words could do justice to the experience, and partly because I hated to admit that it was all over. I think my husband is tired of hearing me lament about how badly I want to go back to Iceland like I’ve been doing since the day we were back in Canada.

I don’t think I’ll be able to write every single detail of the trip, but I can surely recommend a few things to those thinking of visiting Iceland in the future or researching for a trip there. I had a lot of fun reading a lot of blog posts about Iceland while researching for our trip and I’m writing this hoping that someone out there will have as much fun reading my post. I’m going to write down my recommendations/favourite Iceland attractions in a few installments.

Things I Want to See and Do in Iceland, Part One

I was going to write about the Easter long weekend but it kind of sucked so let’s just talk about our upcoming trip to Iceland again, shall we?

My father-in-law asked me this past weekend what I was looking forward to the most about the trip. My first answer was: being in Iceland! Second answer: the ocean! I miss the ocean. I know they are not very specific answers, but I really can’t wait to be there and to see and smell the ocean again.

Iceland, Soon

Because I was feeling blah (damn you, hormones!), I thought I’d watch some videos of Iceland to cheer myself up. Our trip there is only a month and a half away now. Yay! I installed a countdown app on my tablet last night. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Having the app has made my life a little easier. All I have to do is look at the home screen to know how many days we have left until the trip. Can’t get any easier than that!

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