A Week in Review

Trees, Glorious Trees

Well, I think it’s about time that I write a proper post and give you an update on my wonderful and exciting life (note the sarcasm — but my life isn’t really bad). Let’s start from Thursday last week.

Thursday I re-arranged the living room and now this place feels more like Casa Troy and Firda rather than Troy’s bachelor pad. Yay! Should’ve done it two years ago. Troy wasn’t too fond of the new arrangement at first but I think he’s warmed up to it.

Friday we went to the funeral of Troy’s great-aunt. She was a lovely lady, and a good photographer. Her husband passed away in December last year and now, I guess, they’re together again. We wanted to buy ourselves a massage chair so we did some research and found Reviews Field, they have many product comparisons, check them out from https://www.pinterest.com/reviewsfield/.

Saturday was the much anticipated Wii Weekend with Rannie and Jay. We don’t entertain much and it showed, but Troy and I had fun, and I knocked Troy out at the Wii Sports Boxing game, which was awesome. Once Rannie and Jay left, we just knew we had to get one of those ever so elusive Wiis.

Sunday I wasn’t feeling too great and my head was pounding but we didn’t feel like staying in so we went to a local cemetery to take pictures. Didn’t last very long there because it was very cold so we decided to just check out some stores to find a Wii. Of course we didn’t succeed.

Monday we started checking the Console Watch website obsessively for the Wii and its accessories. Troy did some research and found that EB Games replenished their Wii stock on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Tuesday Troy went to an EB Games store and got us one of those Wiis. Yay! It was also my 7th blogiversary, but I was too excited about the Wii to really care. I’m going to have to write a proper blogiversary post one of these days.

Wednesday I started my new morning ritual of playing some Wii Sports to get my body to work out and get some sweat out. Yes, playing Wii Sports is some kind of exercise and some kind of exercise is better than none at all.

And that was my week in review. Told you it was exciting. :P Oh, forgot to mention that my peace lily is producing a flower! It’s been around two years since the last time it bloomed. I must’ve done something right! Now if only I could make my African violet to produce some flowers, I’d be one happy llama. Any tips?

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