A Thrifty Weekend

Oh wow, for a weekend with crappy weather, I have so much to tell you. See, on Saturday, after waking up, having breakfast, and playing a few rounds of Guess-the-Google, Troy and I went to a thrift store and I got myself a compact 35mm film camera for $1.50 to be hacked into a pinhole camera. After about an hour, we went back to our apartment because we were expecting a visit from our friend Joe. And then Joe came and we went to have Vietnamese dinner in downtown Kitchener. After dinner, we went to a used book store across the street from the Vietnamese restaurant where Troy bought his very first Lucky Luke comic (I grew up reading Lucky Luke!) and then to a cinema to watch Kung Fu Hustle. I’m not usually into kung fu movies or slapstick comedies, but I didn’t mind Kung Fu Hustle. It was funny and entertaining.

After the movie, we went back to the apartment. While Joe and Troy were having quality time together discussing videogames, I did some brainstorming, planning out my way to hack the aforementioned compact camera into a pinhole one. After Joe left, I got into the action. My tools of choice were a screwdriver, a hammer, and a burning candle. It was enough to make Troy think I’d end up burning the apartment down. I couldn’t finish hacking the camera that night because I was already too sleepy and it was already past 2AM.

Sunday was spent visiting some thrift stores in Kitchener and Cambridge. I got myself yet another compact 35mm film camera as a backup to the one we bought the day before and Troy got himself a bunch of Terry Pratchett books. We also made a quick stop at Winners where Troy bought me a super-comfy t-shirt and bought himself some toys. What can I say, he’s a kid at heart. :) Before we went home, we had some yummy grilled chicken breasts for dinner at Applebees. It’s a shame that the chicken breasts were so tiny. We had a craving for cheesecake after dinner so we went on a mission to get ourselves some cheeecake. We had to make a stop at three places before we found it. Mmmm, cheesecake. So evil yet so good!

When we got back home, we found that each one of us had won a t-shirt from Blogography! That put a nice ending to an otherwise uneventful day. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV while hacking the camera to death. Only after the camera was ready did I realise that I didn’t have a roll of film with me so I couldn’t start shooting right away. Doh!

Tonight we’re going to pick up a roll of film and go on a mission to find Pop Shoppe, the legendary Canadian soft drink. I can hardly wait!


  1. Firda
    April 25, 2005

    We went there yesterday and picked up a bottle of Pop Shoppe Cream Soda and a bottle of Pop Shoppe Root Beer. I think the Cream Soda tastes better than the Root Beer.

  2. Ryan Bayne
    April 25, 2005

    I’m planning to look for Pop Shoppe drinks too. Apparently the Hasty Market at King and Hickory is a retailer, and that’s pretty close by.


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