I was pro­cras­ti­nat­ing from fin­ish­ing up my site redesign when I came across Zooomr, a pho­to shar­ing site, which is kind of like Flickr (it does have a sim­i­lar inter­face) but with sev­er­al added fea­tures. I had to sign up because I do need a place to store my pho­tos. You see, the next incar­na­tion of my blog will be a hybrid of a pho­to­blog, a jour­nal, and a lin­klog. I’m already short of web­space as it is so stor­ing pho­tos on my own serv­er is out of ques­tion. Flickr doesn’t real­ly encour­age you to use it as a stor­age so I thought Zooomr would be per­fect for the job. In addi­tion, they’re cur­rent­ly giv­ing away free pro accounts! Here’s hop­ing that Zooomr will keep get­ting bet­ter with time instead of start suck­ing and even­tu­al­ly die.
Now back to redesign­ing.

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  1. Hey Fir­da, thanks for blog­ging a pho­to with Zooomr and wel­come to the site. Feel free to let me know if there are ways that you think we can improve or fea­tures that you’d like to see in the future.

  2. i can get the blog to work but noth­ing else at the domain — whats up with that?
    also the image in your post from zoomr and all the ones host­ed by zoomr on their blog will not load for me. i don get it…how can i try it out if it does­nt work! DENIED!
    i main­ly use IE but i checked it in fire­fox as well and i got nada!

  3. Actu­al­ly we love Aus­tralians.
    Not sure why it is not work­ing for you rebec­ca. Feel free to ping me at tom(at)thomashawk.com if you still can’t get into the site.

  4. well i was able to sign up the oth­er day at work but our work machines all access the net via a con­nec­tion through our US office so i think it was a glitch with my isp but it seems to work now. HURRAH! now if only the thing to make it so my name isnt some dorky num­ber would work i would be happy…THEN i need to pic some pic­cies to upload — maybe some old con­ven­tion pics that i dont have on flickr already…decisions deci­sions.…

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