Yesterday Was Da Bomb!

Creepy Mrs. Clause

Yesterday was my first day of that time of month and I thought it might be a good idea for me to do some running around catching buses and shopping for Christmas presents to give to my beloved husband. I don't know what the hell I was thinking.

The first bus was like 15 minutes late, so I missed the second bus -- no thanks to the first bus -- and had to wait for 15 minutes for the next bus. When the next bus arrived, the driver had to wait for another 15 minutes before he moved the bus. At least he was cute and said thank you when I dropped my fares into the slot. Plus, he was the only bus driver I came across that day (there were four of them) that wasn't grumpy. Bus driver #4 actually looked like he was ready to kill me by the time I hopped on the bus. And I didn't do anything to him other than say hi! Is it wrong to say hi to bus drivers? But then again, his bus kind of smelled like stale pee. I'd be grumpy too if I were him.

People in general were also grumpy that day. When I mentioned it to my beloved husband, he said people were always grumpy when Christmas was near. So much for the Christmas spirit and all that jazz, eh? Anyway, their grumpiness kind of rubbed off on me. I couldn't help cussing to myself over and over again under my breath during my running around. It wasn't a good day, but at least my Christmas shopping is almost done and soon the only grumpy person I'll have to deal with is my beloved husband. Not that he's grumpy all the time. He's only grumpy when he's driving. Poor boy just doesn't get along too well with other drivers.

Aaanyway. Have I ever told you how much I love gift-wrapping? It is a stressful activity to some (including my beloved husband), but to me, it's very therapeutic. There is something zen about it. It makes me feel at peace and all that new age crap. I wrapped all my presents to Troy and some others last night and had a good time. I even offered to wrap Troy's presents to me but he politely declined. Boo! I'm glad we still have a bunch more presents to buy, because it means I'll have a bunch of things to wrap, which is awesome. I'd buy people presents just so that I could do some gift-wrapping. Too bad I'm not rich, eh?

Oooh, ooh, I almost forgot. I saw the best graffiti ever yesterday on some pole by a school. It read "Different doesn't mean your clever." (Emphasis on "your" is mine.) Hadn't I been on a bus with a bunch of strangers, I would've laughed out loud.


  1. Ams
    December 14, 2006

    LMAO! Best graf­fi­ti ever! XD

  2. Peter
    December 18, 2006

    Christ­mas had turned into the most awful hol­i­day. The spir­it of giv­ing has turned com­mer­cial where peo­ple stress out and spend all of their mon­ey to give a gift that means noth­ing. The only 2 traf­fic acci­dents I’ve ever been were dur­ing Christ­mas when crazy stressed out shop­pers ran into me.
    And yes, that was awe­some graf­fi­ti!


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