Yesterday Was Da Bomb!

Creepy Mrs. Clause

Yes­ter­day was my first day of that time of month and I thought it might be a good idea for me to do some run­ning around catch­ing bus­es and shop­ping for Christ­mas presents to give to my beloved hus­band. I don’t know what the hell I was think­ing.

The first bus was like 15 min­utes late, so I missed the sec­ond bus — no thanks to the first bus — and had to wait for 15 min­utes for the next bus. When the next bus arrived, the dri­ver had to wait for anoth­er 15 min­utes before he moved the bus. At least he was cute and said thank you when I dropped my fares into the slot. Plus, he was the only bus dri­ver I came across that day (there were four of them) that wasn’t grumpy. Bus dri­ver #4 actu­al­ly looked like he was ready to kill me by the time I hopped on the bus. And I didn’t do any­thing to him oth­er than say hi! Is it wrong to say hi to bus dri­vers? But then again, his bus kind of smelled like stale pee. I’d be grumpy too if I were him.

Peo­ple in gen­er­al were also grumpy that day. When I men­tioned it to my beloved hus­band, he said peo­ple were always grumpy when Christ­mas was near. So much for the Christ­mas spir­it and all that jazz, eh? Any­way, their grumpi­ness kind of rubbed off on me. I couldn’t help cussing to myself over and over again under my breath dur­ing my run­ning around. It wasn’t a good day, but at least my Christ­mas shop­ping is almost done and soon the only grumpy per­son I’ll have to deal with is my beloved hus­band. Not that he’s grumpy all the time. He’s only grumpy when he’s dri­ving. Poor boy just doesn’t get along too well with oth­er dri­vers.

Aaany­way. Have I ever told you how much I love gift-wrap­ping? It is a stress­ful activ­i­ty to some (includ­ing my beloved hus­band), but to me, it’s very ther­a­peu­tic. There is some­thing zen about it. It makes me feel at peace and all that new age crap. I wrapped all my presents to Troy and some oth­ers last night and had a good time. I even offered to wrap Troy’s presents to me but he polite­ly declined. Boo! I’m glad we still have a bunch more presents to buy, because it means I’ll have a bunch of things to wrap, which is awe­some. I’d buy peo­ple presents just so that I could do some gift-wrap­ping. Too bad I’m not rich, eh?

Oooh, ooh, I almost for­got. I saw the best graf­fi­ti ever yes­ter­day on some pole by a school. It read “Dif­fer­ent doesn’t mean your clever.” (Empha­sis on “your” is mine.) Hadn’t I been on a bus with a bunch of strangers, I would’ve laughed out loud.

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  1. Christ­mas had turned into the most awful hol­i­day. The spir­it of giv­ing has turned com­mer­cial where peo­ple stress out and spend all of their mon­ey to give a gift that means noth­ing. The only 2 traf­fic acci­dents I’ve ever been were dur­ing Christ­mas when crazy stressed out shop­pers ran into me.
    And yes, that was awe­some graf­fi­ti!

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