Yays and Nays

Things I will miss about this apartment once we move out into our own house:

  1. Relatively cheap rent;
  2. Not having to pay for utilities because they’re already included in the rent;
  3. The location, because I actually like Waterloo.

Things I won’t miss about this apartment once we move out into our own house:

  1. The Dirties across the hall who like to play crappy songs super loud;
  2. Stompy McStompenheimer upstairs;
  3. Either upstairs or downstairs neighbours who smoke in their bedroom and pass the smoke through the water control hole in the closet (don’t ask) into our bedroom;
  4. The crappy fridge shelf that keeps coming off;
  5. The heating system that we have no control of which keeps this apartment in summer temperatures, even in the dead of winter;
  6. Our bedroom slash storage combo;
  7. The big, ugly couch that comes with the apartment;
  8. Uneven shower temperature;
  9. The tiny kitchen/dining room;
  10. The boring white walls.

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congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any pics you can share yet???


The acceptance is not final yet and there aren’t pictures to share yet. Thanks anyway. (Don’t jinx it!)

jake titus

I remember the feeling of going from “renter” to “owner”. Congrats.


Hi firda, long time reader here…just wondering, what town did you buy in??
Congratulations BTW.


Thanks! We’re buying a house in Stratford, ON.