At Hvitserkur, Iceland (2013)


My name is Fir­da. It’s pro­nounced fear-duh. I’m an Indone­sian-born Cana­di­an, hap­pi­ly mar­ried to Troy, the love of my life, whom I met through this blog. We’ve been mar­ried since 2005. We live in an old, red brick house in a small south­west­ern Ontario town with a few hun­dred cam­eras and sev­er­al hun­dred board games (long sto­ry).

I start­ed this blog as a place to share all the neat things I found online, but now it’s most­ly just a place for me to talk about the places I’ve been and share the pic­tures I took. Trav­el and pho­tog­ra­phy are two of my biggest pas­sions. Trav­el is also my favourite hap­py thought when I’m feel­ing sad.

For my for­ti­eth birth­day, my hus­band took me to Ice­land and we did a two-week road trip around the coun­try. By the end of the trip, I was so mad­ly in love with Ice­land and already couldn’t wait to go back. Hence the many Ice­land-relat­ed posts all over the blog. I just can’t stop talk­ing about Ice­land! In fact, we’re going back there this year for anoth­er, short­er vis­it!

I love nature, but I’m not an out­door type. I don’t do camp­ing, which makes bud­get trav­el­ling a lit­tle tricky. I enjoy hik­ing as long as the hike is rel­a­tive­ly short and easy (not too much climb­ing — I have bad knees).

Some­times I get crafty, but most­ly in the win­ter­time. I cro­chet, knit, and sew, though only medioc­re­ly. I like mak­ing stuff with my hands. I hate cook­ing but rather enjoy bak­ing cakes.

I don’t drink any­thing alco­holic because I don’t like the taste and smell of alco­hol (no, I’m not reli­gious). I also don’t drink cof­fee (low caf­feine tol­er­ance). I love rooi­bos tea and apple cider. If I could, I’d have rice with every­thing I eat.

I’ve had rein­deer meat­balls in Ice­land and a moose burg­er in New­found­land. I’ve drunk iced tea with pieces of ice­berg in it. I love duri­an. I don’t like licorice. I only like avo­ca­do in smooth­ie form (I’m sure your gua­camole is tasty, but no thanks).

I’ve seen the North­ern Lights and ice­bergs with my own eyes. I’ve been to all of the Great Lakes of North Amer­i­ca (Lake Huron is my favourite) and all 10 Cana­di­an provinces. I’ve only been to 6 coun­tries in 3 con­ti­nents, but what I lack in the num­ber of coun­tries, I make up in the amount of time spent day­dream­ing about trav­el­ling the world.

I’m tele­phono­pho­bic and social­ly awk­ward, but I am friend­ly and don’t bite. Don’t hes­i­tate to say hel­lo! If you’re trav­el­ling to Cana­da or Ice­land, I’d be hap­py to give you rec­om­men­da­tions.

About Weblog Wannabe 

I’ve been keep­ing an online pres­ence in one form or anoth­er since 1997 (remem­ber Angelfire, GeoC­i­ties and Diary­land?) but only start­ed post­ing under the Weblog Wannabe moniker on Feb­ru­ary 20, 2000. Since then, it’s won a cou­ple Blog­gie awards and been men­tioned in books about blog­ging and oth­er medias, both dig­i­tal and print. And did I men­tion that I met my hus­band through this blog? I used to update it a lot more fre­quent­ly with links to a lot of sil­ly sites on the web and he used to be one of my most faith­ful read­ers (I guess he still kind of is). 

I’ve been try­ing to turn this blog into a trav­el blog of some sort — with a focus on Ice­land and Cana­da — for the last cou­ple of years, and it’s been slow going because I often lose inter­est in blog­ging, but I’m sure it’ll get there even­tu­al­ly.

Thanks for vis­it­ing! Hope you’ll check back every once in a while! :-)