When I started using the Internet

Plinky want­ed me to recall when I first start­ed using the Inter­net reg­u­lar­ly. Well, it’s got to be 1996. You’ve prob­a­bly been online long before that, but keep in mind, it’s Indone­sia I’m talk­ing about. I signed up for an Inter­net account after a field trip to an Inter­net provider for a class in Uni­ver­si­ty. I have to admit, it took me awhile to fig­ure out how to hook up the com­put­er to the Inter­net. Stu­pid TCP/IP! But when I did, I was instant­ly hooked! So many things to read!

Like many oth­er bored kids on the Inter­net, I had count­less free GeoC­i­ties and Tri­pod accounts. I’d always pre­ferred GeoC­i­ties to Tri­pod. GeoC­i­ties was okay until Yahoo! bought it and intro­duced pop-up ads. Ick! My first web­mail account was with Rock­et­mail before Yahoo! bought the ser­vice in 1997 and trans­ferred all Rock­et­mail accounts to Yahoo! Mail, which was lame. Yahoo! seemed to ruin every­thing that was good back then. The only good thing about Yahoo! was, if your site got list­ed on the Yahoo! direc­to­ry, you could brag about it and it actu­al­ly brought you quite a few hits.

Some Indone­sian guy once sent me an email upon see­ing my pic­tures on one of my GeoC­i­ties sites and asked me to remove them because he was con­cerned that peo­ple from out­side Indone­sia would think that all Indone­sian girls are as ugly as me. Nice! Sad­ly, that site is no longer up. I didn’t take it down. Yahoo! did, appar­ent­ly. I met a bunch of Inter­net ass­holes along the way, but most­ly on IRC. Remem­ber a/s/l?

I have a site at Angelfire from 1997 that’s still up but you have to beg me for the link (it’s that embar­rass­ing). I kept some kind of a blog on that site. I post­ed wacky news arti­cles from Indone­sia, copied straight from a local Eng­lish lan­guage news­pa­per by hand. No fan­cy cut-and-paste! See? I’ve always been a hard­core blog­ger. Heh.

I found Usenet very enter­tain­ing. I would down­load news from ran­dom servers using my email client just to see what kind of crap they had for me to read.

I learned how to use stylesheet/CSS in 1998. I loved it and still do. I prac­ticed my CSS-Fu a lot while online-jour­nalling (that’s what blog­ging was called back then) over at Diary­land between 1998 and 1999. I dis­cov­ered Blog­ger in ear­ly 2000 when it was still owned by Pyra instead of Google, before Blogspot was con­ceived. Made quite a few friends from the world over. And the rest, as they say, is his­to­ry.

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  1. I used inter­net kind of lat­er, like in 98, and in Ger­many that was not so pop­u­lar either, imag­ine, Ger­many! So expen­sive and so slow (back then only dial up). I went online most of the time in the office. Luck­i­ly it’s an Amer­i­can com­pa­ny so we had high speed. Some of my friends who worked for Ger­man com­pa­nies even got jeal­ous because they only have intranet at work :D

  2. Wow! I was just twit­ter­ing about how I need­ed moti­va­tion to start using my blog & twit­ter again and boom, here’s a post in my feed from you that’s “pow­ered by plinky”. So, I feel two fold blessed, great post by you and a pos­si­ble moti­va­tor for me. :) Thank you! :D

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