West Java Tsunami

Dozens dead in Indone­sian tsuna­mi fol­low­ing a 7.2 mag­ni­tude earth­quake off the coast of West Java. The tremors were felt in Indonesia’s cap­i­tal Jakar­ta for more than one minute. Not again. :(

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  1. saya den­gar tsuna­mi ini ter­ja­di di pan­tai sela­tan yang garis pan­tainya cukup curam. dimana lebih “safe” diband­ingkan jika ter­ja­di di tem­pat lain. semoga ban­tu­an bisa cepat diarahkan ke tem­pat yang ditim­pa ben­cana secepat­nya.

  2. Oh God, what would be next after this. Our tears have not even fin­ished for pre­vi­ous dis­as­ters. I can only pray so the vic­tims are giv­en strength in their heart and realise that this is tri­al from the Great Cre­ator.

  3. It’s get­ting clos­er. My fam­i­ly lives in the north coast. The tsuna­mi hap­pened in the south coast. They could feel the tremor in the north coast when the tsuna­mi-caus­ing earth­quake hap­pened.

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