We’re Living in a Fridge

Aaah, My Umbrella!

We came home from our trip to the Bruce Penin­su­la to a freez­ing apart­ment on Sun­day. The indoor tem­per­a­ture was 15°C and that night the out­door tem­per­a­ture fell down to 0°C. Troy called the evil land­lord and asked him to turn on the cen­tral heat­ing (the ten­ants have no access to it). It’s two days lat­er now and there’s still no cen­tral heat­ing. Our portable heater can’t real­ly do much to keep the room warm. Most of the time, we just leave it on in the bed­room.

We’ve been sleep­ing under four lay­ers of blan­kets since Sun­day night. It feels like sleep­ing in a cocoon. Last night Troy said that he’d wake up a beau­ti­ful but­ter­fly. Well, he just woke up and guess what? He’s still the good, old Troy. How dis­ap­point­ing.

Our apart­ment used to be the warmest apart­ment in the world because the heat­ing sys­tem was wonky and would turn itself on even when it was crazy hot in the sum­mer. We report­ed it to the land­lord last sum­mer because we were melt­ing. The land­lord did some­thing to it and now we’re liv­ing in the cold­est apart­ment in the world. Just one extrem­i­ty after anoth­er. How very Cana­di­an weath­er-ish.

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  1. Call up Water­loo Prop­er­ty Stan­dards. Ask them what the min­i­mum tem­per­a­ture is for an apart­ment, and then tell them how cold your place is and that the heat isn’t on. They’ll ask for con­tact info for your land­lord and you’ll find it gets turned on fair­ly quick­ly there­after. Hope­ful­ly they won’t have a nick­name for him…

  2. Seri­ous­ly, call them. I did when I was across the street and found out they had a nick­name for my land­lord there. That was dis­tress­ing. Anoth­er awe­some tale of prop­er­ty stan­dards is when they exam­ined the neighbour’s bath­room and sent a let­ter to my land­lord to fix it, and he didn’t know the dif­fer­ence between 8 and 9 so he fixed our bath­room instead, and near­ly got fined until I let him know that I wasn’t the one that called the city and he went back and read the let­ter again.

  3. Beka,
    Gue lagi inget sama elu Bek, iya ben­tar lagi Lebaran, besok gue udeh cuti, mudik deh 2 ming­gu, Met Lebaran ye :) btw Gue suka baca blog lu. Kapan balik ke pon­dok betung?

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