Wedding Anniversary #2

Wedding Anniversary #2

I think every sin­gle TV show has fea­tured an episode about online rela­tion­ships gone ter­ri­bly wrong but none with a hap­py end­ing. Yes, You’ve Got Mail has a hap­py end­ing but it’s a movie, not a TV show. I remem­ber see­ing the movie with a cou­ple of friends from work. We had to sit on the front row because those were the only seats avail­able. All of the oth­er seats had been tak­en. While the sto­ry­line was not very real­is­tic, the three of us enjoyed the movie. Can’t say that we found it very inspir­ing, but who would’ve thought that out of us three, two would actu­al­ly find love on the Inter­net lat­er on. True sto­ry! My friend mar­ried some­one she met through ICQ and the last time I heard from her, she already had a baby. The oth­er per­son is, of course, me. I trav­elled halfway around the world to meet Troy, one of the most fre­quent com­menters on my blog, and an all-around good guy, and mar­ried him a year lat­er.

Today is the 3rd anniver­sary of our first real-life meet­ing and the 2nd anniver­sary of our wed­ding. We’re still hap­pi­ly mar­ried and I still let Troy tell our sto­ry to any­one who cares enough to ask about how we met because my sto­ry would be too long-wind­ed (since I wouldn’t be able too leave out all the gory details) and full of ‘Net lin­go. My favourite response from peo­ple to whom we just told our sto­ry is “good to hear a hap­py sto­ry com­ing from peo­ple who met through the Inter­net.” I usu­al­ly just smile in response but the lit­tle voice in my heart thanks Troy for not turn­ing up to be one of those creepy guys you see on Date­line. :)

Hap­py anniver­sary to us!

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  1. the lit­tle voice in my heart thanks Troy for not turn­ing up to be one of those creepy guys you see on Date­line.
    This sen­tence here just made my day. :) Love you too :)

  2. I say hap­py 2nd and 3rd anniver­sary to you then Fir­da and Troy. Sel­dom can you see cou­ples who main­tain their sweet­ness after sev­er­al years of being mar­ried. These anniver­saries should be marked as an achieve­ment for the two of you.
    I wish you more anniver­saries to come. And I wish that you can post pic­tures of you lit­tle babes here soon, too.

  3. Hap­py Anniver­sary to you both! :)
    I met my hus­band through the net also (IRC) and we’ve just cel­e­brat­ed our 7th wed­ding anniver­sary this year. :)

  4. Hap­py Anniver­sary to the both of you, and may you have many, many more!
    My hus­band and I also met online…so there’s anoth­er inter­net hap­py end­ing! :)

  5. Con­grat­u­la­tions! We just cel­e­brat­ed our 8th wed­ding anniver­sary and are so glad we found each oth­er (Ger­many & Texas), we met on Chat­ter­box, an online chat room, back in 1996.

  6. You have a touch­ing and won­der­ful life! I’m sure your fam­i­ly actu­al­ly admit that.
    Hap­py 2nd Anniver­sary!!

  7. Con­grats!
    I met my cur­rent girl­friend on-line too (dat­ing site though — Pear­match) and we’re mov­ing-in togeth­er next month.
    This inter­net thing is great isn’t it? ;¬)

  8. It’s heart­break­ing to realise that when you wrote this entry, my moth­er — the LIGHT of my life — was still alive and well and lov­ing me more than any­one in the world… The date of your next entry was the date of her funer­al.
    I didn’t go, of course. I loved her much too much for that. Why would I go?
    I don’t want con­so­la­tion from any­one, LEAST of all from peo­ple who loved her (of course, she was the most lov­able crea­ture in the world), but not REALLY, and din’t even know her — not REALLY, not like I knew her.
    You know how I found your blog, Fir­da? By googling “I miss my moth­er so much”. There was J.A Rowling’s sto­ry — and yours.
    I am grate­ful I don’t have to write down about how I feel — what an UNFATHOMABLE loss it is — because you wrote it down before me.
    I am grate­ful to know that there are peo­ple in the world who don’t feel that peo­ple who have lost their moth­ers — espe­cial­ly peo­ple well into their adult­hood — need to “move on”.
    (I sup­pose that’s what the blast­ed funer­al folk­lore is all about, ain’t it? To shed tears for the ben­e­fit of the pub­lic — some­thing I do NOT do — and then, in due course, like a month, per­haps less, “get on” with your life.)
    But I don’t WANT to “move on” with my life! MY LIFE has lost the only light, the only haven of uncon­di­tion­al love (you said that so well) in this world.
    And then somne have the nerve to say, “think about all the peo­ple in the world who had lost their moth­er when they were chil­dren…”
    Yeah, it sucks — but why, WHY on God’s earth should I think of oth­er peo­ple?! Do they think about me? Will their pain make my pain bet­ter? I don’t think so! Only a sadist would draw com­fort from the thought of oth­er people’s mis­ery.
    Besides… I almost lost my mum — to the same cause that even­tu­al­ly claimed her — when I WAS a child. I remem­ber it all very well indeed. And I know that it would have been beyond hor­ri­ble, dev­as­tat­ing (espe­cial­ly know­ing who would have “brought me up”, in all prob­a­bil­i­ty…) — but I also know that it would’ve been eas­i­er to “let go” than now, after decades of love and fights and prob­lems — but most of all, LOVE, great, uncon­di­tion­al, sil­ly-humor­ous, won­der­ful LOVE. Yes, it would’ve been eas­i­er for a child to “get over” the mem­o­ry of her humour, of her blue eyes sparkling with love and child­like affec­tion, her… EVERYTHING about her.
    I saw her almost every day, and I spoke to her on the phone every night.
    And I just can’t — dont WANT to — live in a world, a beau­ti­ful, mar­velous world, full of things that my moth­er would have loved — with­out her to share it with.
    Maybe there is a way to bring them back, Fir­da. I believe in the Impos­si­ble (and no, I do not mean crap like OUIJA boards and the like). I believe, because my moth­er taught me so.
    If there is, I’ll let you know. ;)
    Thank for your blog.
    All the best.

  9. This is very delayed, but every time I think about your love-sto­ry it makes me hap­py, and very hap­py for you two. I read both your blog and Troy’s blog before you two got togeth­er, and when you did it all just seemed like such a sweet sto­ry. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your 2nd wed­ding anniver­sary and 3rd meet­ing-in-per­son anniver­sary.

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