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No more Vox invites left to give away! I’ll let you know when there’s more. I want to give the invites to two read­ers who have left a com­ment in this weblog pri­or to this post (yes, I will check). If you fit the bill, just leave a haiku com­ment and the invite will be yours. Only the first two com­menters (oth­er than myself) will get the invites so you’d bet­ter be quick with your haiku (do fol­low the 5–7-5 rule)! And this is my Vox account. Where else can I plug it if not here? ;)

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  1. I Shoot the bright sun
    when I take the great result
    no one sees my fun
    (I don’t think I’ve com­ment­ed here, but I have com­ment­ed on a bunch of your Flickr pic­tures. I’m redune over there)

  2. I not com­ment for years
    but I was won­der­ing if
    you had an email
    address because I
    want­ed to say some stuff
    to you but could not
    find the words before.
    Now time has passed and I feel
    more able to talk.
    Basi­cal­ly… a long way of say­ing that I used to read ages ago but we went through some hard stuff (I think you can prob­a­bly guess what) at the same time and it hurt to much to read for a while. Now I’m back, and the mak­ing of a haiku was too tempt­ing not to com­ment in that form!
    Also, I’d love a vox but I’ll leave that to your dis­cre­tion since it’s been a while! xxx

  3. I think I remem­ber you vague­ly from ages ago, so the invite is yours. :)
    Sor­ry folks, no more invites left! Will let you know when there’s more.

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