№ 7 — Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Vic­to­ria is sit­u­at­ed in Van­cou­ver Island. We took a fer­ry ride there from the main­land. It was a pleas­ant one. We passed quite a few cute lit­tle islands along the way and enjoyed some beau­ti­ful views.

The pic­ture above is of the British Colum­bia Par­lia­ment Build­ings. I believe it was tai chi day when we were there, which explains the crowd in front of it. 

I don’t real­ly remem­ber much about this city oth­er than that it was a beau­ti­ful city and that my hus­band acci­den­tal­ly drove the car into an oppos­ing traf­fic lane one night. Ooops! I blame it on the stu­pid car GPS.

I would love to go back there again one day to see more of the city. We didn’t get to see much at the time due to time con­straints.

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