Vancouver Island and Canadian Rockies: Any Tips?

English Country Garden

I don’t know if I’ve men­tioned it here before but we have decid­ed to re-sched­ule our New­found­land trip for next year and hit the West Coast instead for two weeks in Sep­tem­ber. Yippee! I think our main des­ti­na­tions would be the Van­cou­ver Island in British Colum­bia and the Cana­di­an Rock­ies in Alber­ta, so I’m going to get to see the Pacif­ic Ocean and the Rocky Moun­tains, all in one trip! Excit­ing! Mind you, I’ve nev­er seen both in per­son before.

I don’t know about my trav­el com­pan­ions (Troy and his par­ents), but when I’m trav­el­ling, I always try to avoid tourist traps. Unless those tourist traps are places that I real­ly, real­ly want to see, I’d rather not go there. Peggy’s Cove in Nova Sco­tia just came to mind — it was the most touristy place ever, but how could I not see it?

So, if you have any tips on less­er-known places in Van­cou­ver Island and the Cana­di­an Rock­ies that are way cool and would make my cam­era beg me to shoot, please let me know in the com­ment. I know Sep­tem­ber is still a month and sev­er­al days away, but I just can’t stop think­ing about the trip!

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  1. Hel­lo Fir­da, I could rec­om­mend you to dri­ve along Cana­di­an Rock­ies from Cal­gary — Jasper — that’s what we are gonan do next week. Just check this web­site
    it’w worth vist­ing web­site. Can’t wait to see your shots lat­er on.

  2. You’ll love your trip. Van­cou­ver Island and the Rock­ies are our 2 favorite des­ti­na­tions.
    A lot of Van­cou­ver Island is touristy, but going in Sep­tem­ber will make it a lot less so. We usu­al­ly stay on the east side of the Island at Parksville. The beach there goes out for­ev­er when the tide goes out. To get the “real” Pacif­ic Ocean you have to go out to Tofino/Uclelet. Tofi­no is the more Touristy, Ucle­let is much less so, it is/was more of a log­ging town the last time we were out. Two of the less touristy Gulf Islands are Gabri­o­la Island (near Nanaimo) and Den­man Island(part of the Den­man, Horn­by area). Most peo­ple dri­ve right through Den­man on their way to Horn­by.
    In the Rock­ies, if you are going to the Colum­bia Ice­fields (halfway between Banff and Jasper), the BEST place to go is a hike at Wilcox Pass ( , ). This hike takes you above and behind the Ice­fields Cen­ter (MAJOR TOURIST spot, but if you’re there you should go out onto the glac­i­er) to a medi­um hike that will have your cam­era click­ing! You get to see the glac­i­ers from a ridge on the oth­er side of the val­ley and there are near­ly always a herd of bighorn sheep. These are a cou­ple pic­tures we took , .
    The only advice for this hike is that the first 20–30 min­utes is uphill and the views are hid­den by trees, but after that it’s pret­ty flat and the views are amaz­ing. Also, because you’ll be in the moun­tains be pre­pared for any­thing from windy/cold to hot.
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

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