Upgraded and Uninspired


I thought upgrad­ing my ver­sion of Mov­able Type to ver­sion 4 would inspire me to post more, but not real­ly. Well, I was think­ing of writ­ing a post about how frus­trat­ing the upgrad­ing process was yes­ter­day, but that would be old news. Upgrad­ing Mov­able Type has always been a pain in the butt ever since they got lazy with writ­ing the doc­u­men­ta­tion. I still have no idea on how to take advan­tage of all the new fea­tures. It makes me miss the good old days when MT came with a built-in doc­u­men­ta­tion. Maybe I’ll even­tu­al­ly fig­ure out how to use the new fea­tures, maybe not. Maybe I shouldn’t have upgrad­ed in the first place because I’m a basic blog­ger and I don’t need all the bells and whis­tles. Hell, I nev­er even both­ered enabling the track­back fea­ture. Let’s just say that I upgrad­ed because I was bored. One thing for sure, upgrad­ing made me feel pis­sy for the rest of the day. Poor Troy, hav­ing to deal with pis­sy Fir­da all night. Oh, in case any­one from Six Apart read this, I’ve noticed an increase in com­ment spam ever since I upgrad­ed. Just so you know. At least the upgrade didn’t kill my poor, old weblog. And the new user inter­face sure is pret­ty!

Not only am I not feel­ing inspired enough to write a post, I’m also not feel­ing inspired enough to take pic­tures or to do just about any­thing. Yes, things are real­ly that bad in the inspi­ra­tional depart­ment. Troy had to bribe me with a $20 bill just to get me to bring the last roll of film I shot with the Hol­ga to the pho­to­lab today, and the pho­to­lab is only less than 10 min­utes away by foot. So I walked to the pho­to­lab, made a stop at Tim Horton’s to have lunch and then to the dol­lar store to pick up stuff, and when I got home, it was back to feel­ing unin­spired. I usu­al­ly find the dol­lar store pret­ty inspir­ing, what with all the tacky stuff it car­ries (Hallowe’en dec­o­ra­tions are already out for sale, by the way), but not this time.

I think what I need is a new lens. You know what you should do? You should buy prints from me because they are pret­ty, are pro­fes­sion­al­ly print­ed, and you want to help me buy a new lens. :) I already low­ered the price, by the way. If you see any of my work that you like that aren’t avail­able at Imagekind and you’d like to buy the print direct­ly from me, just let me know. I like hav­ing a rea­son to print my work. Mind you, we don’t real­ly have much space to hang pic­tures in our apart­ment so I don’t get to print my work as much as I’d like to. Well, I’d bet­ter end this post here. I’ve got to get some prints ready for mail­ing!

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