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Hang to Dry

So some­body dropped by yes­ter­day and hand­ed me a cheque with a nice num­ber on it. It was the cheque I was going to spend on a new lens for my DSLR and a plane tick­et to the West Coast and back. It was kind of nice hold­ing the cheque in my hand while think­ing of all the love­ly things I could buy with it. But in the end, I decid­ed to forego the new lens and put all the mon­ey into the West Coast trip fund because, damn, hotel rooms are so frickin’ expen­sive, even in Sep­tem­ber. The aver­age cost for one room is $150/night! It’s crazy! Why the hell do they still count Sep­tem­ber as Peak Sea­son? Kids would have gone back to school already. When we went out East two years ago on our hon­ey­moon, we could get a nice hotel room for $50! And we were there in August, which was obvi­ous­ly still in the Peak Sea­son.

In addi­tion, the fun things I want to do dur­ing the trip cost a lot of mon­ey. Here’s the list so far:

  • Tofi­no Whale Watch­ing $69
  • Jasper Tramway $24.00
  • Maligne Lake Cruise $40.57
  • Jasper Raft­ing Trip $49
  • Colum­bia Ice­field Ice Explor­er Bus Tour $35.95
  • Lake Louise Canoe Rental $60 (per hour!)
  • Banff Gon­do­la $24.95

Every­thing times two because I’m not going to go alone. Well, except for the canoe rental maybe. See how expen­sive it gets? I might have to forego the tramway/gondola thing. And I still have yet to put food and gas into account. I’m actu­al­ly con­sid­er­ing buy­ing a box of Indomie (an Indone­sian instant noo­dle brand) in Van­cou­ver and eat just that all through the trip. Hey, it’s only $10 for 30 packs of noo­dles! Just enough for two weeks if I had two packs a day. Heh. But I got the feel­ing that Troy wouldn’t let me do that.

By the way, thanks to every­one who left me trav­el tips on the pre­vi­ous post. Those come in handy as I’m writ­ing up our itin­er­ary. I’m actu­al­ly a lit­tle afraid of Banff. The prospect of hav­ing to fight the hordes of tourists in Banff for the best pic­ture-tak­ing spots just makes me cringe. I’m also not going to do too much hik­ing while I’m there, or at least just do the easy routes. Mind you, I have bad knees. It kind of sucks because, seri­ous­ly, when you’re in the Rock­ies, you’re expect­ed to hike. That’s why I’m think­ing of rent­ing canoes instead, which would cost a lot more than hik­ing, but what can you do.

When it comes to afford­able accom­mo­da­tions, I’ve fig­ured out that get­ting a two-bed­room suite would cost a lit­tle less than pay­ing for two hotel rooms since there’ll be the four of us trav­el­ling togeth­er and we’ll split the expens­es between the two cou­ples. Here’s hop­ing that there’ll still be vacan­cies in places with two-bed­room suites when we get around to mak­ing reser­va­tions!

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  1. Because Sep­tem­ber is the most gor­geous time to be out there. I’m from the Amer­i­can part of the West (Ore­gon) and I went to school in Seat­tle. I think that Sep­tem­ber is my favorite month out there. All of the bod­ies of water are final­ly warm, the trees still have their leaves, and the ‘usu­al’ vaca­tion­ers are back at their jobs.
    Of course, I’ve done Jasper in July and been rained on for 48 hours straight, so go fig­ure.

  2. Hel­lo Fir­da, we just got back from Jasper. If you still plan to Jasper, you could try to stay in home acco­mo­da­tion. Now,you can check their room avail­abil­i­ty online at
    No need to take boat trip to Maligne Lake.. well most peo­ple I asked about it said “ or not too bad” Jasper Tramway is worth­while as you will have chance to hike (not too tir­ing tough) along the ridge of the Whistler as you get the top of tram sta­tion. If you wish I can give some more tips.

  3. Err.. Is it pos­si­ble to stay in motels? Back­pack­ers’ lodge or some­thing? It won’t be as com­fort­able as stay­ing in a hotel, no doubt, but it’s cheap­er! LOL.

  4. Heh. If it would only be the two of us on the trip, we’d prob­a­bly camp because it’s so cheap! Motels and b&b places are ful­ly booked in Jasper. And hos­tels just scare me. We’ve found and reserved a log cab­in to sleep in in Jasper, though. Took me all my Inter­net search­ing pow­er to score that one. :)

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