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Some­times I think of some­one I knew in the past whom I haven’t been in touch for ages and I’d do a Google search on them, just to see how they’re doing. It’s always good to know when I found that they are doing well. They might not remem­ber me any­more, but I’d be hap­py for them nonethe­less. The last two of such search­es I did, how­ev­er, didn’t bring up very pleas­ant results.

The first search I did was on a real­ly nice girl I knew from when I was still “blog­ging” at Diary­land about 7 years ago. Her name was Jen­ny and she had a diary called Sheep­ish. This Flickr pho­to­set of her Diary­land art­work came up among the search results, and in the descrip­tion, the words “in memo­ri­am” caught my eye. Fur­ther search revealed that she was mur­dered in May 2003.

Jenny’s diary always had attrac­tive designs. In fact, she was one of my ear­li­est influ­ences in web design. I always want­ed to be able to design as well as she did. We read each other’s diary, and when­ev­er I sound­ed down, she’d write me an email to try to cheer me up. It sad­dens me to know that she was no longer around and that she had to die such a trag­ic death.

The sec­ond search I did was on a fam­i­ly friend, a well-known Indone­sian artist/painter who, as far as I knew, lived in Yogyakar­ta, where the recent earth­quake was. I just want­ed to see if he was okay. This obit­u­ary turned up among the results. He already died two years ago, in Decem­ber 2004. Appar­ent­ly, his health declined after his gallery caught fire and he lost every­thing.

I remem­ber vis­it­ing his gallery many, many years ago when I was a lit­tle girl with my par­ents and broth­ers. He was a very friend­ly man. My par­ents were real­ly fond of him and I think the feel­ing was mutu­al because he gave them a few of his paint­ings for free. His gallery was obvi­ous­ly his pride and joy. The fire was a tragedy, as was his death.

Learn­ing that some­one you knew and liked had died is nev­er easy. I hope they both rest in peace.

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  1. Man, that’s trag­ic. Sor­ry to hear that. Any­way, can you imag­ine this? Just say, you man­aged to have reg­u­lar con­tacts with him. Do you think that tragedy still hap­pened? Do you believe that such human con­tact can dri­ve the faith into anoth­er direc­tion?

  2. I’ve had that hap­pen on two occa­sions. In both cas­es it was quite a shock. One was a child­hood friend with whom I lost touch when we went off to dif­fer­ent uni­ver­si­ties. I just missed con­tact­ing him while he was still alive.
    The oth­er was an old friend who I always thought would go on to accom­plish great things. I still think that would have been true had she lived longer.
    That is the won­der of the Inter­net, though, and Google in par­tic­u­lar. You can find peo­ple from your past.
    I found a num­ber of my old col­lege friends and we are now in touch and some­times vis­it one anoth­er. We’re sep­a­rat­ed by space, but that’s about it. There’s tele­phone and, of course, email.

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  5. hel­lo Fir­da,
    Sor­ry about what hap­pened to your friend. You real­ly miss them a lot. BTW, I love very much read­ing your blog espe­cial­ly the design. Where did you learn to design the web.. I tried to re-design one tem­plate, played around with the codes, then end up with no hope. I wish I can make one, so far I am hang­ing around in some web­sites offer­ing free tem­plates. I tried your tem­plate gen­er­a­tor.. any chance to get the code from teh gen­er­a­tor. Oh, I live in Cal­gary.. well I just moved here from Jakar­ta in 2004. Can I link your web?

  6. Indeed, it’s trag­i­cal sto­ries. But still it’s far of bet­ter for now, as for google did the main stream, and keep every­thing in hand.

  7. this world is tear­ing to pieces, its a won­der how much longer we will be here … and to what pur­pose

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