Tooth Fairy Was Here

Busker III

Noth­ing can make me feel more grown-up than sit­ting in a dentist’s office, wait­ing for Troy while the oral sur­geon molest­ed his mouth this past Fri­day. Mind you, they stat­ed clear­ly that only a respon­si­ble adult may accom­pa­ny a patient who is under­go­ing a surgery. I hope I did look the part.

I had two books, an apple, and a choco­late bar with me. I was expect­ing to spend hours there since I thought Troy wouldn’t be awake after the surgery. Sur­prise, sur­prise. Less than half an hour after Troy got called into the surgery room, I was told that he was all up and ready for me. He was still pret­ty drugged out, but awake. When we were walk­ing from the drug­store to the apart­ment after pick­ing up his pre­scrip­tion, I felt like I was walk­ing a zom­bie.

Once we got home, Troy took a cou­ple of hours of nap and when he woke up, he was his old self again. I don’t think he suf­fered too much from the surgery. The bleed­ing stopped quick­ly and there was hard­ly any swelling. And he cer­tain­ly loved his Jel­lo and mashed pota­toes.

We spent this past week­end going to the Water­loo Busker Car­ni­val, vis­it­ing thrift stores (of course), and an antique mar­ket. Sad­ly, we didn’t find any cool, old cam­eras. It was a pret­ty bor­ing week­end and the traf­fic on Sun­day was unusu­al­ly slow.

Next week­end should be more inter­est­ing. We’re going up to the cot­tage, and I’m still try­ing to sell the idea of mak­ing the 6-hour trip from the cot­tage to Ottawa to Troy. It’s just that I’ve been liv­ing in Cana­da for two years but I still haven’t seen the nation’s cap­i­tal. I find it kind of sad. Maybe if I attached a list of Ottawa thrift stores with my pro­pos­al, Troy would give it a go. We’ll see. ;)

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  1. But I bet you’ve nev­er done the touristy thing. Let’s do the touristy thing!
    On sec­ond thought, you might have done the touristy thing with your par­ents but I don’t think you still remem­ber it. We need to refresh your mem­o­ry of Ottawa. ;)

  2. I’ve been to Que­bec City, I’ve had St. Hubert chick­en in Mon­tre­al, and I’ve been to a bunch of oth­er places out East. I just haven’t been to Ottawa. :) Prince Edward Coun­ty sounds inter­est­ing, though. Hmm…

  3. Heh heh. I’ve lived in this coun­try for 30 years and I’ve only been to Ottawa 4 times. And two of those times was to go to a Uni­ver­si­ty par­ty :)

  4. Ottawa is rather nice. I lived just across the riv­er for 19 years, so I was there all the time.
    Que­bec City, Mon­tre­al, Prince Edward Coun­ty are also must-vis­its.

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