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Just some­thing I learned this past week­end from a cou­ple of friends. :) I’m seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing writ­ing a how-to guide on it. Heh. Well, not real­ly.
Have I told you how much I love turkey? My dear moth­er-in-law cooked us a turkey for East­er, know­ing that I don’t eat ham. She cooks the best turkey in the world. I’ve had some in restau­rants and oth­er people’s places but the turkey just doesn’t taste as good. And I’m hap­py to say that we got to bring some left­over turkey home. That means that all the Indone­sian food I’m going to cook this week will have turkey in it instead of chick­en. Turkey makes every­thing taste so much bet­ter. I had some turkey fried rice for lunch yes­ter­day and I was in a state of eupho­ria after­wards. Seri­ous­ly. Peo­ple real­ly should start eat­ing turkey instead of smok­ing dope. I think the world would be a bet­ter place that way. Except for the poor turkeys.

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  1. hi there, i agree with your turkey pref­er­ence. def­i­nite­ly bet­ter than chick­en, though i’d like to ask if there’s actu­al­ly any­thing there that would stop peo­ple from eat­ing turkey AND smok­ing dope?
    can’t we do both?

  2. i have to agree with you. i’ve been refrain­ing myself from eat­ing chick­en late­ly and doing pret­ty well, but turkey. i feel guilty but they just taste too good!!

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