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Well, about the con­cert on Sat­ur­day, I think the web­site pret­ty much says it all. There were long lines for food and for wash­room usage. They antic­i­pat­ed it by allow­ing the con­cert­go­ers to bring in food (they orig­i­nal­ly didn’t) and between Bloc Par­ty and Bro­ken Social Scene sets, they brought some por­ta pot­ties into the venue. I’m afraid of por­ta pot­ties so just before Bloc Par­ty fin­ished their per­for­mance, I went to a prop­er wash­room and — yippee! — I was the first in line. When I was done with my busi­ness, the line was already a mile long. Then Troy went to get me a hot­dog but the line was already 10km long so he got me a pricey Häa­gen Dazs ice cream bar instead. Now that, ladies and gen­tle­men, is true love. ;)

The tick­et to the con­cert was sold out. One of the Bro­ken Social Scene guys said that it was a first. Kind of hard to believe, real­ly. The tick­et was like $50 each and they sold all 10,000 of them! Or so I heard. The pro­mot­ers must have made a crazy amount of mon­ey. They could’ve done bet­ter to make the whole expe­ri­ence bet­ter for us, but alas, the con­cert felt more like a Cana­da Day con­cert in Water­loo to me than a major con­cert in a major venue in Toron­to. At least the Cana­da Day con­cert in Water­loo is free. But maybe I’m just par­tial to small­er con­certs in small­er venues.

Any­way, I was being one of those peo­ple who paid $50 just to sit in the shade and watch peo­ple while lis­ten­ing to the live music and occa­sion­al­ly got hit by a fris­bee. I would’ve been one of those peo­ple who pushed their way to the edge of the stage to take awe­some pic­tures of the per­form­ers hadn’t sit­ting in the shade been that nice. Sure beats get­ting hot and sweaty in the crowd.

Pho­tog­ra­phy­wise, I turned the con­cert envi­ron­ment into a study in iso­lat­ing sub­jects in a field full of peo­ple with a viewfind­er. And did I suc­ceed? You be the judge. If it’s pho­tos of the per­form­ers you’re after, well, I don’t real­ly have any that’s worth shar­ing but this guy did. Appar­ent­ly, he man­aged to sneak his dig­i­tal SLR in despite the no SLR rule. Good for him.

It was a good day nonethe­less. It’s just that Troy and I was already tired from the wed­ding the night before. I was jump­ing around to House of Pain’s Jump Around at the recep­tion. Bad idea. My feet were all sore the next day. The bet­ter idea would be not to attempt to dance at all. I must’ve looked like a fool. I’m blam­ing it on Troy.

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  1. couldn’t find anoth­er way to con­tact you so I thought i’d just com­ment it … thanks for putting up your translu­cent back­ground thing. I want­ed to let you know that I post­ed cred­it to you on a forum I fre­quent. We don’t have many users, a half dozen or so, and recent­ly with wed­dings and new­borns mem­ber­ship has prac­ti­cal­ly stopped talk­ing, but I post­ed the find­ing of your translu­cent back­ground here http://forum.aeoliandigital.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=1887#1887
    Thanks for putting so much work into it — keep up the great ideas!!!

  2. dont you just love the lines to go to the toi­let at concerts/gigs!
    thanks — from all the guys at TWD

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