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Well, about the concert on Saturday, I think the website pretty much says it all. There were long lines for food and for washroom usage. They anticipated it by allowing the concertgoers to bring in food (they originally didn't) and between Bloc Party and Broken Social Scene sets, they brought some porta potties into the venue. I'm afraid of porta potties so just before Bloc Party finished their performance, I went to a proper washroom and -- yippee! -- I was the first in line. When I was done with my business, the line was already a mile long. Then Troy went to get me a hotdog but the line was already 10km long so he got me a pricey Häagen Dazs ice cream bar instead. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is true love. ;)

The ticket to the concert was sold out. One of the Broken Social Scene guys said that it was a first. Kind of hard to believe, really. The ticket was like $50 each and they sold all 10,000 of them! Or so I heard. The promoters must have made a crazy amount of money. They could've done better to make the whole experience better for us, but alas, the concert felt more like a Canada Day concert in Waterloo to me than a major concert in a major venue in Toronto. At least the Canada Day concert in Waterloo is free. But maybe I'm just partial to smaller concerts in smaller venues.

Anyway, I was being one of those people who paid $50 just to sit in the shade and watch people while listening to the live music and occasionally got hit by a frisbee. I would've been one of those people who pushed their way to the edge of the stage to take awesome pictures of the performers hadn't sitting in the shade been that nice. Sure beats getting hot and sweaty in the crowd.

Photographywise, I turned the concert environment into a study in isolating subjects in a field full of people with a viewfinder. And did I succeed? You be the judge. If it's photos of the performers you're after, well, I don't really have any that's worth sharing but this guy did. Apparently, he managed to sneak his digital SLR in despite the no SLR rule. Good for him.

It was a good day nonetheless. It's just that Troy and I was already tired from the wedding the night before. I was jumping around to House of Pain's Jump Around at the reception. Bad idea. My feet were all sore the next day. The better idea would be not to attempt to dance at all. I must've looked like a fool. I'm blaming it on Troy.


  1. jay leask
    June 28, 2006

    couldn’t find anoth­er way to con­tact you so I thought i’d just com­ment it … thanks for putting up your translu­cent back­ground thing. I want­ed to let you know that I post­ed cred­it to you on a forum I fre­quent. We don’t have many users, a half dozen or so, and recent­ly with wed­dings and new­borns mem­ber­ship has prac­ti­cal­ly stopped talk­ing, but I post­ed the find­ing of your translu­cent back­ground here http://forum.aeoliandigital.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=1887#1887
    Thanks for putting so much work into it — keep up the great ideas!!!

  2. Troy
    June 28, 2006

    Babe: We all looked like fools danc­ing. Not just you :)

  3. laura
    June 30, 2006

    Hi, I love your tem­plate.
    Can you share the tem­plate?

  4. Teesside Website Design
    November 6, 2006

    dont you just love the lines to go to the toi­let at concerts/gigs!
    thanks — from all the guys at TWD


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