Time Machine


I got a roll of film devel­oped today. I start­ed shoot­ing this roll two years ago and I had been car­ry­ing the cam­era to so many places that when I got the neg­a­tives, I had no idea where most of the shots were tak­en. Now that I’ve scanned a few frames, I know that some come from a fall fair we went to in 2007 and some more from our trip to Win­nipeg in Feb­ru­ary 2008. There are still more to dis­cov­er.

Scan­ning this roll of neg­a­tives is kind of like going on a time machine and it’s excit­ing because I have total­ly for­got­ten tak­ing some of the shots and the rea­son why I found some­thing so inter­est­ing that I had to cap­ture it on film. It’s too bad that I didn’t start scan­ning ear­li­er. I real­ly want to check out every sin­gle frame, but alas, it’s bed­time already.

Haven’t seen any­thing inter­est­ing on my Face­book home­page late­ly so I’ll just leave you with a link to font­cap­ture where you can make a font out of your hand­writ­ing for free! It kept me amused for a frac­tion of the day. It’s sad that I’ve kind of for­got­ten how to write with my hand. My hand­writ­ing doesn’t look like the hand­writ­ing I remem­ber any­more. Damn you, Inter­net!

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  1. this pic­ture makes me sad… I don’t know, reminds me of my unhap­py child­hood? Actu­al­ly, I was hap­py as a child, before my moth­er turned her­self into reli­gious freak in the 80s

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