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I thought Clerks (1994) (i.e. Clerks I) would be a real­ly great movie since I only heard good things about it, but it wasn’t real­ly. I kept hop­ing it would get bet­ter as we got fur­ther into the movie, but it didn’t. It was so bad, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I hope I won’t hate Clerks II just as much when we get around to see­ing it.
I think A Scan­ner Dark­ly would be a bet­ter movie if it wasn’t ani­mat­ed. It was not as bad as Clerks I in my opin­ion, but it wasn’t great either. The sto­ry was drag­ging too long. Pre­dictable plot. Too much talk­ing. Very lit­tle action. Why both­er turn­ing it into an ani­ma­tion if all the char­ac­ters do is talk­ing?
Final­ly, a movie that I actu­al­ly enjoyed: Miyazaki’s Spir­it­ed Away. It was noth­ing short of bril­liant. Great sto­ry. Great ani­ma­tion. The best movie I watched this past week­end. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to watch­ing the oth­er Miyazaki’s ani­ma­tion, Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle. And I’m not even an ani­me fan!

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  1. I say this a lot about movies like Clerks, but I’m not jok­ing: you’d like it if you watched it again. Sounds weird, but I wasn’t thrilled with it the first time either and now I love it.

  2. This was only the sec­ond time that I watched Clerks and I enjoyed it more the sec­ond time. Like Nicole I wasn’t that crazy about it the first time (thought it was over-rat­ed).
    As for A Scan­ner Dark­ly. My thoughts are that the sto­ry was pret­ty good, but there was too much extra chat­ter. The chat­ter­ing part remind­ed me of Linklater’s oth­er movie Wak­ing Life, which I despised.

  3. If you enjoyed Spir­it­ed Away then you will enjoy most of his oth­er movies as well. Just one thing to point out most of his movies has a nature theme and he uses ani­mals in just about ever sin­gle movie.

  4. Clerks’ is a real place and time film. When I saw it in the ear­ly nineties it real­ly was one of the most excit­ing films I’d ever seen, sim­ply because it looked like the kind of film some­one like me could make. Then a hun­dred films were influ­enced by it and as always hap­pens the orig­i­nal los­es its lus­tre. It is one of my favourite films, but I know that to an extent its because I’ve grown up with. If I were to see it now for the first time, it I might not be able to see through all the odd and stut­tery line read­ings, slap­dash pac­ing and wierd sound. ‘Clerks II’ is about the only film I active­ly want to see before Christ­mas …

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