The Toronto Turkey Treat

Blue Window

I real­ly don’t under­stand Flickr some­times. The pic­ture above I almost didn’t upload because I thought it was kind of bor­ing but it end­ed up being the most pop­u­lar shot of the batch. Pic­tures that I real­ly, real­ly like, on the oth­er hand, nev­er got much lov­ing from the Flickr com­mu­ni­ty. Go fig­ure.

So, the week­end. Um, what did we do? It feels like a long time ago. I’m going to have to scrape up my mem­o­ry first. Mind you, I have a real­ly crap­py short-term mem­o­ry. So crap­py that some­times I go to the kitchen to pick up some­thing and when I’m in the kitchen, which is only like three foot­steps away, I’ve already for­got­ten what I’m sup­posed to pick up.

Okay. The week­end. Week­end starts Fri­day night, right? Well, we got tonnes of snow on Fri­day so we didn’t real­ly do much Fri­day night. We did make it to a thrift store and then to a near­by game store (J&J Cards and Col­lectibles on Weber Street, if you live in Water­loo, is the best place to buy board games — low­est price ever!) to buy Blokus Duo before get­ting our­selves some ice cream. Yes, we actu­al­ly had ice cream after a heavy snow­fall. Who said you’re not sup­posed to have ice cream when the tem­per­a­ture is below freez­ing? And we got the ice cream from McDonald’s no less. So bad. Spent the rest of the night play­ing Blokus Duo. Well, at least until Troy got tired of win­ning and decid­ed to play a video game instead.

Sat­ur­day, after win­ning a cam­era and a lens on eBay, Troy and I and our friend Joe head­ed out to Toron­to for a turkey din­ner at SMooSH and Loba’s. I thought I liked big cities but now I realised that I don’t real­ly. At least I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Toron­to. First of all, the high­way sign­ings in Toron­to are not very vis­i­tor-friend­ly. If you’re not a Toron­to res­i­dent, you’re just bound to miss your exits. In addi­tion, some inter­sec­tions have no street signs and some­times you just have no idea where the hell you are. Troy always gets pissed while dri­ving in and around Toron­to and I don’t blame him, though his pissi­ness (is that a word?) always rubs off on me and that’s not very cool. But the dri­ve to Toron­to this time was total­ly worth it. The food, espe­cial­ly the turkey, was so good. Like, very, very good. And the hosts and the oth­er guests were enter­tain­ing. We even got to bring home some turkey left­over, so it’s turkey fried rice for me for lunch and deep-fried turkey soup with ver­mi­cel­li for us for sup­per today. Yum!

The dri­ve back to Water­loo was a lot less event­ful, though at some point the high­way got kind of fog­gy and I thought my eyes were play­ing tricks on me because all the lights looked like ver­ti­cal lines. Had to ask the guys if they were see­ing the same just to make sure. Wish I had tak­en a pic­ture of it. Once we got to Water­loo, the three of us played a game of Set­tlers of Catan and Troy wasn’t too hap­py about the fact that my trad­ing with Joe led to Joe’s win­ning. What can I say. I was tired and sleepy and I just want­ed to go to bed.

I was tired and sleepy all through Sun­day. I think both of us were. But we still made it to a cou­ple of thrift stores, a dis­count book store, and a Viet­namese restau­rant in Cam­bridge. Troy picked up a Sega Mas­ter Sys­tem from one of the thrift stores. It’s pret­ty ugly com­pared to, say, a Nin­ten­do Wii. We went to a Wal­mart and a Toys R Us in Kitch­en­er yes­ter­day to see if they had any Wii left, but alas, no such luck. Some­day we will be lucky enough to get one. Some­day.

By the way, Troy has a ques­tion about gas sta­tions in the States. Would any Amer­i­can read­ers be kind enough to enlight­en him? Troy went to Michi­gan last Thurs­day. I was hop­ing he’d be able to pick up some Polaroid 600 film from a Ritz Cam­era store because it cost around $10 less than it was here in Cana­da but the Ritz Cam­era he went to had no Polaroid 600 film at all. Boo! I was a sad lla­ma, but not for very long.

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  1. So glad you folks could join us, it was a lot of fun prepar­ing the din­ner for you all.
    It’s a lot of work, but I get a lot of sat­is­fac­tion from see­ing peo­ple enjoy my labours. :)
    Hope we can do it again for you all!

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