The Story of a Quilt

Urban Landscape

I have this abil­i­ty to make up a sad back­ground sto­ry for just about any­thing. The lat­est one is about this bag of vin­tage quilt mate­ri­als, most­ly already cut into a bunch of equi­lat­er­al tri­an­gles, that I picked up from a thrift store this past Sat­ur­day.

Once upon a time, there was a grand­ma who liked to spend her lone­ly time cut­ting var­i­ous fab­ric into equi­lat­er­al tri­an­gles to be sewn togeth­er into quilts. But then she died and her fam­i­ly who didn’t care much about quilts sent her belong­ings, includ­ing her quilt mate­ri­als, to a Sal­va­tion Army that lat­er priced her hard work a hefty 99 cents. She must’ve spent hours of her pre­cious time cut­ting all those mate­ri­als and yet it only worth 99 cents! Actu­al­ly, it was more like 50 cents (it was a half-price day for green tag items). I thought it was so depress­ing that I have made it a project to make a pret­ty quilt throw out of it, just to make myself feel bet­ter.

Any­way, I’ve been look­ing at free quilt pat­terns since and appar­ent­ly there aren’t too many pat­terns that use equi­lat­er­al tri­an­gles. In fact, I didn’t find any pat­terns I could use at all. I only found some pic­tures of what peo­ple did with them. The Mil­len­ni­um Pyra­mid Quilt and this zigzag one are espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing. But damn if they don’t look like a lot of work. The for­mer is more so than the lat­ter so maybe I’ll try to make a high­ly sim­pli­fied ver­sion of the lat­ter. I’m sure it would make the unknown, poten­tial­ly dead grand­ma of my sto­ry proud of me.

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  1. Sew sets of two tri­an­gles togeth­er to make squares — there are *tons* of quilt pat­terns you can make using squares :)
    My sister’s baby is due in May… I have to get going on my niece’s quilt soon!

  2. It doesn’t work that way with equi­lat­er­al tri­an­gles. Two of them makes a dia­mond, not a square. Would be so much eas­i­er if they were half-square tri­an­gles.
    Good luck with the quilt­ing!

  3. you real­ly know how to keep your­self busy, and good at it, too
    I wish I could have a lit­tle more patience, at least towards my tod­dler lol

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