The Proper 7th Blogiversary Post I Said I’d Write

Come to the Light

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anato­my reminds me of a chat I once had years ago with my good friend Emlyn, whom I met through blog­ging and who was prob­a­bly my biggest fan ever (no one else ever cre­at­ed a web­site ded­i­cat­ed to me). I told him how I want­ed to make my life extra­or­di­nary and he said my life was already extra­or­di­nary as it was. He made me think and he was right. It’s just iron­ic how he became part of the rea­son that made my life extra­or­di­nary. He had to end his own life. I guess he wasn’t as lucky as I was.

When I was feel­ing like there was no point in life, I had friends who were there for me and who told me to hang on and promised me that life would get bet­ter for me. Friends that I wouldn’t have met if not for blog­ging, who lived in oth­er parts of the world but whom I felt clos­er to than any friends I had in real life. I ded­i­cate this post for them: Troy, Rebec­ca, and Jor­dan. Thank you for being around when I need­ed you most (even though I frus­trat­ed you most of the time) and for being the awe­some friends that you are.

If you asked me what the biggest thing I’d achieved through my 7 years of blog­ging, my answer would be my life. Blog­ging saved my life. And real­ly, what could be a big­ger achieve­ment?
I couldn’t write a bet­ter blo­giver­sary post than this.

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  1. *hugs* you are still one of my best online friends even though we rarely chat any­more. damn you for mov­ing to an incon­ve­nient time zone!!! :D
    but I am very hap­py that your life is going so well these days. i’m glad i could help a lit­tle bit in help­ing you get there.

  2. Thanks babe. You frus­trat­ed me, I frus­trat­ed you, we frus­trat­ed each oth­er. And through all that frus­tra­tion look where we are now :)

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