The Obligatory Fourteenth Blogiversary Post

Weblog Wannabe turned 14 years old today! Hap­py birth­day, dear old blog! My god you’re old!

There have been times when I felt like pulling the plug on the blog but I just couldn’t do it. This is where I met my hus­band! I know this is only a vir­tu­al place and nobody cares about this blog oth­er than me and per­haps my hus­band, but it’s stay­ing for the time being, albeit in a some­what comatose state. I did post sev­en­teen updates to the blog last year, most­ly before our trip to Ice­land. My goal this year is to post more, even if it’s only one more update than I did last year. I think it’s doable. :-)

If you’re read­ing this post on a feed read­er, you might have missed the blog’s new look. I picked this theme because I felt it would be more accom­mo­dat­ing to oth­er types of updates because some­times I only feel like post­ing a video or an audio or a pic­ture I took while on the road with­out a long-wind­ed text to accom­pa­ny it. In oth­er words, this theme would help me keep a blog while being lazy. :-) But seri­ous­ly, you want me to be able to post short updates from the road because I might have some inter­est­ing road trips to share with you this year!

The big trav­el plan for the year is to fly to Cal­gary, Alber­ta and then dri­ve our way east to Saskatchewan and then back to Alber­ta. This will take place in the spring­time. We’ve got the tick­ets to Cal­gary and back but I’m still work­ing on the road trip itin­er­ary. We’re plan­ning on see­ing a lot of the Cana­di­an Bad­lands and the Prairies and less of the rat­tlesnakes, black wid­ow spi­ders, and scor­pi­ons (yikes!). We’re going to be on the road for 10 days. Hope­ful­ly Alber­ta and Saskatchewan will be flood-free this year. They had a big flood last year, espe­cial­ly in South­ern Alber­ta, where we will be. Fin­gers crossed!

I might also post some­thing about the plan­ning of our next trip to Europe as well, which should take place some time next year if we’re not too broke. Troy would like to vis­it his father­land Bel­gium. Prob­a­bly swing by Ger­many to vis­it friends in Berlin. If it was up to me, I’d rather go back to Ice­land and explore the West­fjords, but this next trip will be to cel­e­brate Troy’s big four oh so I real­ly have no say on the main des­ti­na­tions but at least I’ll still get to have fun plan­ning the itin­er­ary! If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s find­ing inter­est­ing places to vis­it that not too many peo­ple have ever heard of. I always have a tonne of fun doing it.

And of course there will be the ran­dom posts about my craft projects. I still enjoy cro­chet after all. 

So there’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from the blog this year. Same old, same old, but that’s Weblog Wannabe to you! To all my old, faith­ful read­ers, if you’re read­ing this, thank you for stick­ing around! I ded­i­cate this song for you. :-)

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  1. Hey, Fir­da. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your 14th year! I’m still a read­er, after all these years. Look­ing for­ward to more of your posts.

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