The Obligatory 7th Blogiversary Post

Holy Mol­ly, it’s actu­al­ly been sev­en years since my first post! I would write more but I’m tired after hours of play­ing mini games on Wii and it’s already past my bed­time so I’ll just say thanks a lot for stick­ing around to reg­u­lar read­ers and wel­come and please check back often to new read­ers. Here’s to anoth­er sev­en years of blog­ging!

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  1. I can’t believe this. It was my blog aniver­sary yes­ter­day too. Only one year for me. I’ve been com­ing here more than a year, found you through some free blog tem­plates chang­ers. I didn’t use the tem­plate chang­ers but stayed because you live in Water­loo and that’s where my son and his fam­i­ly live. I’ve been lurk­ing for a cou­ple of years and may have left a com­ment when you wrote about your moth­er, I;m not sure. I had lost my moth­er too and could feel what you were feel­ing. Hap­py aniver­sary! Not too late to delurk, I hope.

  2. Hap­py Blo­giver­sary!!
    This site has been blocked where I work. Bah, hum­bug! It wasn’t for a while, then I dis­cov­ered that it was blocked today.
    How­ev­er, there is a Mac avail­able and noth­ing is blocked on that. That’s how I get to flickr which is also blocked. Bah, hum­bug again.

  3. Con­grat­u­la­tions! Sev­en years *and* you’ve kept all your posts. On my per­son­al site I throw out my posts after a year or so — they make me cringe when I read them again! ;)

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