The Natural Area

Yes­ter­day we went to a nat­ur­al area in town that we’d nev­er been to even though we’d lived in this town for over two years. The trail in this nat­ur­al area pret­ty much goes around the town. Google Maps told us to start at this one par­tic­u­lar point which turned out to be some cres­cent in a newish res­i­den­tial area with no signs of a trail in sight. Bad Google Maps! We final­ly found where the trail actu­al­ly start­ed and went for a walk.

It wasn’t until we took a short­cut to a trail that goes along the riv­er that we start­ed to notice some inter­est­ing wildlife. First, we saw two wood­peck­ers up on a tree — an adult and a young one. The adult wood­peck­er was real­ly hard at work and made a lot of noise. The young one was a lot more qui­et.

Once we fin­ished observ­ing the wood­peck­ers, we went down to the river’s edge. That’s when Troy saw some­thing swim­ming in the riv­er. It was a baby tur­tle! Troy, of course, was being Troy and had to pick up the tur­tle. It’s just some­thing he does. He likes to pick up lit­tle crit­ters so he can look at them close­ly before putting them back where they came from.

Baby Turtle

Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? Well, maybe not, but it’s still pret­ty cute. At one point the lit­tle crit­ter opened its mouth wide in an attempt to look men­ac­ing, but it only made it look even cuter.

Baby Turtle

Once I took some pic­tures of our lit­tle bud­dy, Troy put it back into the riv­er. We wished the tur­tle a safe trav­el and away it swam.

Baby Turtle

Troy fol­lowed the tur­tle for awhile from the side of the riv­er. He saw it got caught in some­thing that it had to climb on, which was prob­a­bly a good thing because not too far away from it was a Great Blue Heron, stand­ing qui­et­ly, look­ing for some­thing in the riv­er to catch and eat. I real­ly hope that our lit­tle friend sur­vived and didn’t end up being the heron’s din­ner.

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron was big. The pic­ture above doesn’t do it jus­tice.

It was a love­ly place. I would love to go back there when the fall colour is at its peak. I bet it’s going to look quite stun­ning! If you’d like to join me, come vis­it us and we’ll take you there. :)

By the way, changes are afoot around the site and I like to think that it’s for the bet­ter!

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