The Great Lakes of North America


We went to the north shore of Lake Erie this past Sat­ur­day, to Port Bruce (qui­et and quaint) and then Port Stan­ley (delight­ful­ly tacky). Lake Erie isn’t that far from where we live. In fact, we live only an hour away from two of the Great Lakes of North Amer­i­ca. An hour west will get you Lake Huron and an hour south (well, maybe a lit­tle more than an hour) will bring you to Lake Erie. I guess that’s the rea­son this town always gets a boat­load of snow in the win­ter, more than most oth­er areas in South­west­ern Ontario.

Oh, and we saw hun­dreds of tun­dra swans! They were on their way to their sum­mer play­ground in north­ern Cana­da after spend­ing the win­ter down in Chesa­peake Bay in Mary­land. Awe­some­ly beau­ti­ful crea­tures, they are.

And now, 5 links (I’m all about 5s these days):

  • Sci­en­tists: Less ice on Great Lakes dur­ing win­ter. That’s too bad. I love it when the lakes freeze over.
  • Great Lakes Storm of 1913. “[It] killed more than 250 peo­ple, destroyed 19 ships, and strand­ed 19 oth­ers.”
  • Light­hous­es of the Great Lakes. I have been to a few of them and hope to vis­it many more. I love light­hous­es.
  • Lake Erie’s ghost ship. Inter­est­ing sto­ry with a touch of mys­tery and Port Stan­ley is part of the sto­ry.
  • Great Lake Swim­mers. One of my favourite Cana­di­an bands. Their new album will be released the end of this month. Yay!

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