The Glasses Dilemma

I’m due for the bian­nu­al eye exam, which means it’s time to get a new pair of glass­es! Troy’s work insur­ance cov­ers both the optometrist’s fee and the cost of the eye­glass­es (well, up to a cer­tain amount). I love get­ting new glass­es so know­ing that my eye exam is com­ing up, two months ago I start­ed brows­ing the frame cat­a­log of an online store from which I bought my last pair of glass­es and book­mark­ing the ones I like. But the prob­lem with being so ahead is, now that the eye exam is only a cou­ple of days away, most of the frames I like are already sold out or no longer avail­able. Sad lla­ma. :(

Any­way, after doing some more brows­ing through the cat­a­log these last cou­ple of days, I’ve nar­rowed down my choice to 8 frames. Most of the frames are sport­ing the clas­sic look, the look that I know I can pull off. They’re also most­ly bor­ing. The few that aren’t bor­ing are rather funky-look­ing and I don’t know if they would look good on me, but I do like them. I have a big, round face so small eye­glass­es frames don’t look that great on me but big ones make me look like I’m wear­ing a mask of Zor­ro, espe­cial­ly if they’re black, so I pre­fer to avoid black frames and tend to pick brown- or tor­toise-coloured ones because, well, I’m brown and I wear a lot of brown because it’s also my most favourite colour.

Let me show you some pic­tures of the frames with the looks that I think I can pull of:

And these are the ones I’m not sure will look good on me:

funky frames

Know­ing me, I’d prob­a­bly end up order­ing one of the funky ones (like­ly #7 or #8, still not con­vinced with the colour of #6; bur­gundy seems too bold of a colour), regret it and then exchange it for one of the classic/boring ones. I don’t even have any pref­er­ences regard­ing the clas­sic ones because they seem to be equal­ly bor­ing! With the funky ones, #7 is in brown and pink and I know I can pull of wear­ing brown and pink. #8 is dark pur­ple. Pur­ple is not real­ly one of my favourite colours but the dark pur­ple seems to be close enough to black with­out being black.

Now I’m curi­ous. Which one would you choose giv­en the selec­tions?

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