The Ever-Changing Travel Plan

White Rock

Remem­ber when I said that we were going to Ice­land and the Nether­lands for my birth­day in April next year? Well, that has changed. Except for the Ice­land part. We’re still going to Ice­land since we’re on a mis­sion to find the Val­ley of Bjorks but we’ve decid­ed against going in ear­ly April (which is when my birth­day is) since it’s too ear­ly and the weather’s like­ly to be crap­py. We’re going in May 2013 instead, just in time for our 8th anniver­sary. Euro­peans, take note and fear our com­bined dork pow­er! (Yes, dork, not dark. We’ve no dark pow­er. Nope. Not at all.)

The cur­rent plan is to fly to Scot­land (fly­ing to Glas­gow could save you as much as $200 in air­fares, I’ve learned), spend a week dri­ving around the High­lands, and then split the sec­ond week between France (well, Paris) and Ice­land. Orig­i­nal­ly we were going to hit 5 coun­tries (the Nether­lands, Bel­gium, France, Scot­land, and Ice­land) in 2 weeks but then decid­ed that it wouldn’t be relax­ing at all. I think 3 coun­tries in 2 weeks sounds just about right. We’ll save the rest for our 10th anniver­sary in 2015, assum­ing that we’ve recov­ered finan­cial­ly by then. Heh.

Oh look, it’s so fog­gy out­side!

Sor­ry, where were we? 



I received my Europe in a shoe­string book in the mail today! It’s so thick and heavy I don’t think I’d want to lug it around dur­ing our trip. It is also too dis­tract­ing for some­one with super short atten­tion span like yours tru­ly but oh so fun to read! I wouldn’t be sur­prised if I end­ed up read­ing the book from cov­er to cov­er like a reg­u­lar book. After all, I used to read dic­tio­nar­ies like a reg­u­lar book when I was younger. Yeah, I’d always been a weird kid. At least I was weird and fear­less. Now I’m just weird. But at least I’m hap­py!

If you have any tips on interesting/best-kept-secret type of places to vis­it in Scot­land, Paris or Ice­land, please let me know in the com­ments! Would also appre­ci­ate tips on inex­pen­sive places to eat and to spend a night because we’ll def­i­nite­ly be on a tight bud­get (yet a bit too old to stay in hos­tels)! Thanks.

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    1. We actu­al­ly have Cana­di­an friends liv­ing in York that we would love to vis­it so gate­crash­ing your wed­ding is always a pos­si­bil­i­ty. ;) And it would be love­ly to final­ly meet you, and your love­ly bride, too! Not nec­es­sar­i­ly on your wed­ding day. We could prob­a­bly swing it if we fly to Man­ches­ter instead of Glas­gow. We shall see clos­er to the date. :)

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