The Epic Saga of Something In My Left Eye


Remem­ber when I was freak­ing out because I thought I was going blind? Well, after a cou­ple of tests, it looks like I’m not going blind just yet. The field of vision test showed my peripheral/side vision on both of my eyes was fine, mean­ing my glau­co­ma hasn’t gone out of con­trol. But the glau­co­ma was real­ly the least of my wor­ries. I was wor­ried more about my left eye that seemed to have turned wonky since the annu­al eye exam I had with the Optometrist in late Feb­ru­ary.

I told the Optometrist about the issue with my left eye the day I had the field of vision test. He looked at it with his fan­cy doo­dad and told me that I had Some­thing going on in there. He sent me over to the Oph­thal­mol­o­gist (eye physician/surgeon) the next day who also told me the same thing and who then sent me to an eye clin­ic to have a test done to see what real­ly was hap­pen­ing. The test was fun. It involved an injec­tion of some kind of dye into my blood stream that made my pee look like high­lighter ink for the rest of the day. That was ear­ly this month. Yes­ter­day I final­ly met with the Spe­cial­ist at the eye clin­ic and he showed me pic­tures of the mys­te­ri­ous Some­thing in my left eye. You’d think that by now that Some­thing would have a name. Nope. It’s just Some­thing, it hap­pened, and he wasn’t sure what caused it.

Next came the part that freaked me out the most: the treat­ment. When the Oph­thal­mol­o­gist gave me his ear­ly diag­no­sis, he already told me that the treat­ment would like­ly be either laser or eye injec­tion. I was real­ly hop­ing that I would get the laser treat­ment because, seri­ous­ly, who wouldn’t get freaked out by the prospect of hav­ing their eye stabbed with a nee­dle? The Spe­cial­ist told me that he could laser Some­thing and be done with it, but it would mean I’ll have to live with a per­ma­nent blind spot for the rest of my life. If I went with the eye injec­tion option, there’s a good chance that we’d be able to get rid of Some­thing after about six injec­tions in six months. Who wants to have a per­ma­nent blind spot? Not me! Eye injec­tion? Bring it on!

Of course there is a catch. There’s always a catch. The injec­tions are not cov­ered by the provin­cial health insur­ance plan so we have to either pay it with mon­ey from our own pock­ets or try to get Troy’s work insur­ance to cov­er it. One injec­tion costs either $80 or $1,800, depend­ing on the drug. Troy’s work insur­ance didn’t make it easy for us to get them to cov­er the $1,800 drug, so for the first injec­tion, I went with the least expen­sive option. We bought the drug in a syringe from the pre­scrip­tion shop, brought it back to the clin­ic where they froze my eye and gave me one eye drop after anoth­er and soon the Spe­cial­ist came to see me again and gave me the shot.

It wasn’t as bad as I’d expect­ed. It felt like get­ting poked in the eye. I’ve had my eyes poked before, though most­ly by acci­dents. Then it just felt like I had an eye­lash stuck in my eye for the rest of the day, which was rather annoy­ing. But this morn­ing I woke up with my eye feel­ing like its nor­mal self. No improve­ment in vision from what I can tell but I wasn’t expect­ing a quick improve­ment any­way. They’ll con­duct anoth­er test on my eye after a cou­ple of more injec­tions to see if it does any­thing. And I have an appoint­ment with the Optometrist on Mon­day, just to have him look at my eye to see if I’ve devel­oped any kind of infec­tion from the injec­tion.

And that is the con­densed ver­sion of the Epic Saga of Some­thing In My Left Eye so far. I real­ly can’t wait for it to be over!

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  1. Being mod­er­ate­ly nee­dle pho­bic, eye injec­tions sound like some­thing out of my night­mares.
    My stom­ach is churn­ing still after read­ing about it. I would per­son­al­ly, seri­ous­ly con­sid­er going with the blind spot.
    Par­tic­u­lar­ly at the ghast­ly thought of not one, but six appoint­ments to jam a nee­dle into the eye­ball.
    I need to lie down…

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