The Death of Google Reader

Yes­ter­day evening, I went to Google Read­er to get my blog-read­ing fix and was greet­ed with that. That thing up there. WTF, Google?!?

I remem­ber think­ing, how could I miss the memo about Google Read­er shut­ting down? Why didn’t any­one tweet about it? I can’t be the only one who is still using this ser­vice! Well, turns out that the whole Inter­net got the memo about the same time I did. Right after I tweet­ed about it, a series of tweets from angry nerds flood­ed my time­line, curs­ing Google for killing the Read­er. These are a few of my favourites:

Thank the FSM for the new pope, we’ve got some­one to blame!

Appar­ent­ly Orkut is big in Brazil and an angry Brazil­lian mob is the last thing Google wants to deal with.

The pope ref­er­ence is unevitable, real­ly. I won­der if the new pope hates Google for steal­ing his thun­der.

Any­way, the next thing that came to my mind was the fate of Feed­burn­er, which is also owned by Google. As is the case with Google Read­er, Google hasn’t done any new devel­op­ments on Feed­burn­er for ages. Would it be the next one get­ting axed? If so then what’s going to hap­pen to small time blog­gers like myself who rely on both ser­vices to reach their read­er­ship? It would be the last nail in the cof­fin for non-main­stream, per­son­al blog­ging, and it’s actu­al­ly kind of sad.

I love see­ing Google Read­er on the list of refer­rers in my blog stats. I love going to Feed­burn­er and see­ing that even though I only get com­ments on my blog posts once in a blue moon, I still have over 200 feed sub­scribers. I know that I have decid­ed to blog for myself instead of for oth­er peo­ple but, well, I guess old habits die hard. I still like know­ing that some­where out there, some­one cares about me, even if only a lit­tle bit; that some­one out there finds my life inter­est­ing enough to read about. That’s right, I still love you, kind read­ers! I real­ly do!

Rough­ly 70% of this blog’s feed read­ers use Google Read­er and its depen­dents. If you are one of them, this arti­cle from TheNex­tWeb has some rec­om­men­da­tions on some RSS read­ers you could poten­tial­ly switch to. I’m try­ing out Feed­ly at the moment but I like the inter­face of The Old Read­er, which looks a lot like Google Read­er before Google added all the bells and whis­tles. I haven’t got the chance to give the lat­ter a try because their serv­er was swamped and I couldn’t import my Google Read­er sub­scrip­tions just yet, but I think it’s got poten­tial.

So. Yeah. Sad time. Espe­cial­ly when you’ve been using Google Read­er since it was still in its ear­ly stage, ca. 2005. 8 years is a long time in blog year.

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