The Cowl That Turns Into A Hat


I’ve been feel­ing meh all day. PMS. TMI, I know. But I’m irri­ta­ble, depressed, and sore because of it so it needs to be said.

I made some­thing today. Oth­er than din­ner, which sucked. It need­ed ver­mi­cel­li but I didn’t real­ize we had no ver­mi­cel­li until every­thing else was ready. So we used pho/pad thai noo­dles but it just wasn’t the same. Don’t you hate it when it hap­pened?

Any­way, I made some­thing today. It was going to be a cowl but then I thought it would look good as a hat, so a hat it is. It looks weird on Troy’s head but on my weird­ly shaped head, it actu­al­ly looks nice. I’m still work­ing on it, though. I want to see if I can turn the hat into some kind of a remov­able hood­ie a la Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood, which would be use­ful since most of my win­ter coats have no hood­ie. Troy offered to take a pic­ture of me wear­ing the hat but I want to wait until it’s com­plete­ly ready first. Maybe tomor­row.

Oh, about the cowl that wasn’t meant to be, accord­ing to the pat­tern, the foun­da­tion cir­cle is sup­posed to be com­prised of 56 chain stitch­es but for some rea­sons, the result­ing cir­cum­fer­ence is bare­ly wide enough to get through my head, and I don’t even have a big head. Maybe I need some bulki­er yarn than this bulky kind I’m using. I don’t know. I’m think­ing of giv­ing anoth­er cowl pat­tern a chance. This zigzag one actu­al­ly looks real­ly fun.

Well, I’m already half asleep now so I’d bet­ter pub­lish this post and go to bed. Three days down, 27 more days to go! I for­got how tough NaBloPo­Mo can be.

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