№ 14 — The Tablelands, Newfoundland, Canada

We walked the Table­lands Trail on our last full day in New­found­land. The weath­er wasn’t the great­est. It was over­cast, windy, and driz­zly. It was sup­posed to be an easy 4 km hike, but I was a wimpy hik­er (still am!) and the gen­tle slope soon made my legs feel all crampy. I told my trav­el com­pan­ions to walk ahead of me and not to wor­ry about me. I might make it to the end of the trail, I might not. I’d just walk at my own pace (which is a snail’s pace, to be hon­est).

By the time I got to the board­walk lead­ing to the end of the trail, my trav­el com­pan­ions were already on their way back. My hus­band hap­pi­ly walked back with me to the end of the trail where the view was glo­ri­ous and the bench­es looked very invit­ing. The pic­ture above was tak­en from the end of the trail.

I don’t know if it would be pos­si­ble to explain the sci­ence of the Table­lands with­out using all sorts of fan­cy words that I’m not even sure the mean­ing of, so I’ll just copy the expla­na­tion from this page:

The bar­ren Table­lands, found between Trout Riv­er and Woody Point in Gros Morne Nation­al Park, look more like Ari­zona than forest­ed New­found­land. This is due to the ultra­maf­ic rock — peri­dotite — which makes up the Table­lands. It is thought to orig­i­nate in the earth’s man­tle and was forced up from the depths dur­ing a plate col­li­sion sev­er­al hun­dred mil­lion years ago. Peri­dotite lacks the usu­al nutri­ents required to sus­tain most plant life, hence its bar­ren appear­ance. The rock is very low in cal­ci­um, very high in mag­ne­sium, and has tox­ic amounts of heavy met­als. Peri­dotite is also high in iron, which accounts for its brown­ish colour. Under­neath this weath­ered zone, the rock is real­ly a dark green colour.”

So now you know, and I think you should go there! It’s such a unique­ly beau­ti­ful spot. In fact, the whole Gros Morne Nation­al Park is breath­tak­ing­ly beau­ti­ful. It’s one of my most favourite places on earth. Def­i­nite­ly a must-see!

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