Superman Returns

We went to see Super­man Returns today and I think I have fall­en in love all over again with our hero. Not that I’ve ever fall­en out of love with him or any­thing. (Oh, Super­man. He’s so dreamy. Sigh.) I’ve had a crush on Super­man for a long time, since the first movie was out. It was love at first sight, so to speak. I remem­ber feel­ing gig­gly like a lovestruck school­girl after see­ing every sin­gle Super­man movie. I was wor­ried I wouldn’t feel the same thing now that Super­man is played by anoth­er actor. But appar­ent­ly, I still do! Even now, hours after the movie end­ed, I’m still feel­ing gig­gly, and I keep star­ing at his face on the cov­er of the free movie mag­a­zine I picked up from the cin­e­ma. Okay, so he looks like a deer caught in the head­lights most of the time, but he still looks dreamy nonethe­less.

Any­way, we saw the movie at an IMAX 3D the­atre, which is exact­ly how the movie is sup­posed to be seen in my opin­ion. Huge screen, great sound sys­tem, with some 3D scenes that you can enjoy through a pair of spe­cial glass­es. To be hon­est, I don’t real­ly care much about the 3D scenes. Every­thing in the 3D scenes just looks too much like plas­tic toys to me. They actu­al­ly look more real­is­tic in reg­u­lar for­mat. But still, the IMAX tech­nol­o­gy helps a great deal to make the movie all that much more enjoy­able.

Some peo­ple think the movie sucked. Well, I think those peo­ple are either het­ero­sex­u­al men or those who saw the movie in a reg­u­lar cin­e­ma or het­ero­sex­u­al men who saw the movie in a reg­u­lar cin­e­ma (instead of an IMAX). The movie is some­what sen­ti­men­tal, it’s true. But Super­man is a sen­si­tive guy. You can’t expect him to have a frat boy men­tal­i­ty all of a sud­den, if that’s what you expect­ed. Dude is a sen­si­tive guy in love who’s expect­ed to save the world, and save the world he does. What else can any­one ask for? You’ve got to give him more cred­it!

And to think that they were con­sid­er­ing Ash­ton Kutch­er for the role of Super­man. *shud­ders* I don’t think I would fall in love all over again with Super­man had it been Ash­ton Kutch­er play­ing him. That guy just annoys the hell out of me. His deer-caught-in-the-head­lights look aside, Bran­don Routh is per­fect for the role. Can’t wait for the sequel(s)!

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  1. Def­i­nite­ly an excel­lent movie although I have to say there were some loose ends left in regards to the plot which makes me won­der about a poten­tial sequel.

  2. Hello,I am a Chi­nese girl.Though our nation­al­i­ty is dif­fer­ent but there is some­thing in common:we both love Super­man deeply.You know,this movie has been showed almost one month lat­er than America,so you should image my feeling.When I first saw this new Superman,I couldn’t con­trol myself!He is him!The real Super­man!
    I think you know Lois&Clark,that was the first time when I got to know Super­man and I think Dean Cain is wonderful!Now,there are two Super­men in my heart,both of them are heros and myths!
    PS:I love the back­ground of your page,it makes me very com­fort­able:)

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