A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Some­times when I’m wrong, I’m very, very wrong. Case in point: I was so sure we didn’t stay in Cavendish the last time we were in Prince Edward Island (PEI) 10 years ago, but one look into my blog archive and I found out that yes, we sure did stay in Cavendish! And yet, we didn’t vis­it the Prince Edward Island Nation­al Park. How did that hap­pen (or rather, not hap­pen)? How could we pos­si­bly miss it? Well, I guess it doesn’t real­ly mat­ter now because when we were in Cavendish in May this year, we made it to the PEI Nation­al Park (at least the Cavendish part of it) and have pic­tures to prove it!

Anoth­er thing I was wrong about was that you can’t see a good sun­set in Cavendish because it’s locat­ed in the north­ern shore of the island. One look into the Cavendish coast at sun­set and I knew I was wrong again. I usu­al­ly hate it when I’m wrong, but this time I was hap­py about it, because the sun­set we saw was pret­ty spec­tac­u­lar! The wildlife at sun­set wasn’t too bad either. I think we saw about half a dozen red fox­es. And a bun­ny. Nev­er for­get the bun­ny!

The fox­es, which were sup­pos­ed­ly wild, just came out of their hid­ing as soon as they heard our car approach­ing. Obvi­ous­ly some park vis­i­tors have been feed­ing them, which they’re not sup­posed to do. That’s why the fox­es aren’t afraid of humans any­more. They real­ly should be, though. I saw many bou­tiques in Que­bec City sell­ing stuff made out of fox furs. Not all humans are your friends, lit­tle fox­es! Fear us!

Any­way, of all the fox­es we saw in the park, this hand­some fel­la is my favourite because it reminds me of a cor­gi. I love cor­gis! It had a dead ani­mal in its mouth when we first saw it, but it kind­ly dropped it to the ground to strike some pos­es for me. What a thought­ful fox!

Fantastic Mr. Fox #1.
Fan­tas­tic Mr. Fox #1.

And this hand­some fel­la, which could’ve been the oth­er one’s cousin (the resem­blance is strik­ing, don’t you think?) is my sec­ond favourite. I real­ly wished I could’ve tak­en them home. They’re so adorable!

Fantastic Mr. Fox #2.
Fan­tas­tic Mr. Fox #2.

We stopped at some look­outs with great views of the sun­set to take some pic­tures along the way.

Husband makes a great prop.
Hus­band makes a great prop.
Pretty sunset.
Pret­ty sun­set.
Lovely pink sky.
Love­ly pink sky.

We also went for a walk along some love­ly beach­es, though I was freak­ing out a bit because the tide was obvi­ous­ly com­ing in. I’ve always been fas­ci­nat­ed by the ocean and I find the ocean waves so mes­mer­iz­ing so I thought I’d take some long-ish expo­sure shots of the waves to try to cap­ture the essence. I took these hand­held so they might look a lit­tle blur­ry, but I kind of like the results.

A little dark but it was getting dark.
A lit­tle dark, but it was get­ting dark.
A little brighter because longer exposure.
A lit­tle brighter because longer expo­sure.
My favourite!
My favourite! Doesn’t it look like a paint­ing?

I real­ly want to have that last wave pic­ture hang­ing on a wall in our house because I love it so much! I love the colour gra­di­ent. But of course, know­ing me, it prob­a­bly wouldn’t get print­ed until anoth­er year or two, if ever. Such is life. 

I’m so glad that in the short time we got to spend in Prince Edward Island Nation­al Park, we man­aged to see so much beau­ty, and in a rel­a­tive­ly short dri­ve to boot. The moral of the sto­ry is, if you have a short time to spend by a body of water, go out and explore at sun­set! Always works for us! :-)

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  1. Hi Fir­da.
    I want­ed to say I real­ly like your sto­ry about the sun­set, espe­cial­ly about the fox­es. The pho­tos look amaz­ing. If you are ever in Van­cou­ver British Colum­bia, you should take the Sea To Sky high­way to Squamish. You will love it.


    1. Thanks, Sia! As for the Sea to Sky High­way, been there, done that, loved it! :-D Would love to do it again with my hus­band some­day. Beau­ti­ful dri­ve.

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