Summer Update

Making a splash

Once again, the poor blog has become a vic­tim of blog­ger aban­don­ment. It’s a good thing that a blog is not a pet. Oth­er­wise, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t have been allowed to have anoth­er blog, by law. Rest assured that this is not the only aban­doned blog of mine. Oh no, Siree! It’s just the only one that I feel bad for not updat­ing more often.

Sooooooo, how’s sum­mer been treat­ing you? It’s been treat­ing me bad. Too many swel­ter­ing hot days. Sum­mer last year was pret­ty awe­some. It was cool and wet. This year, it’s just as bad as the dry sea­son in Indone­sia. So hot and humid. I’d prob­a­bly enjoy it more if we had a cen­tral air con­di­tion­ing, but alas, all we have are box fans and a win­dow-rat­tling air con­di­tion­er that we put in a bed­room and only turn on at night to help us sleep. The first night of the first heat­wave, our big box fan broke in the mid­dle of the night and we hadn’t put the win­dow air con­di­tion­ing up yet. That made for one of the worst sleeps I’ve ever had.

We haven’t gone to too many garage sales this sum­mer. At least I haven’t. Troy’s gone to more garage sales than I do. We’ve done a fair amount of thrift­ing, though. And of course I still have to get my eye poked with a nee­dle once a month. The last time it was kind of freaky because I could actu­al­ly see the drug inside my eye. It was like see­ing liq­uid in a see-through con­tain­er, except it wasn’t. Yes, it was that freaky! But that last one made quite a dif­fer­ence to my vision so it’s all good. Anoth­er eye injec­tion is com­ing up in less than a week. Fun!

We went to our first wed­ding in two years last week­end. It was for one of Troy’s cousins. It took place at the bride’s par­ents back­yard some­where in rur­al Ontario. And when I say back­yard, pic­ture two water-filled quar­ries and one big ass slide, the kind you’d see in an amuse­ment park. I was plan­ning on tak­ing a lot of pic­tures of the bride and groom but end­ed up fill­ing my mem­o­ry cards with a boat­load of pic­tures of the bride’s fam­i­ly dog instead. It’s an old dog, a choco­late lab (I think) and he’s awe­some! He real­ly likes fetch­ing rocks. He’d even fetch rocks under­wa­ter. He was so eager to please though a bit overex­cit­ed some­times. He’s my dream dog. :) And yes, that’s him in one of the pic­tures above.

Our annu­al cot­tage week­end with friends is com­ing up soon. Looks like it’s going to be a rel­a­tive­ly small one com­pared to last year’s but I’m sure it’s going to be just as fun. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to it. I’m also look­ing for­ward to see­ing the cur­tains I made with a lot of cussing and per­se­ver­ance hang­ing in the bed­rooms at the cot­tage. I hope they look good. And I hope the water in the lake is warm enough for swim­ming. I miss swim­ming in the lake.

We’ve seen 7 plays at the annu­al Shake­speare Fes­ti­val in town, and we saw one of them twice. Our plan was to see all 12 plays this year, but alas, we were late to get tick­ets to one of the plays so we’d prob­a­bly only get to see 11 of them, which would still be quite an improve­ment from last year when we only got to see 6. UPDATE: Troy found us tick­ets to that one play we’d thought had sold out! Yay!

Of all the 7 plays we’ve seen this year, I think my favourite is Evi­ta. Even though I had known most of the songs from this musi­cal for years, it was the first Andrew Lloyd Web­ber I’ve ever seen on stage and it was very well done. The act­ing was great and so was the chore­og­ra­phy and of course the singing. I loved every­thing about it and would love to see it again before clos­ing.

We saw The Tem­pest with Christo­pher Plum­mer (Cap­tain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music, in case you don’t know who he is) last Wednes­day. It was great, except some peo­ple in the audi­ence sucked. Dur­ing the per­for­mance, at least two cell­phones rang, some­one behind us kept hav­ing the alarm on their watch go off every 5 min­utes and the fid­gety lady sit­ting two seats away from me was fid­dling with the zip­per on her purse for an extend­ed amount of time. Grrr. I could com­plain about all the cough­ing and sneez­ing peo­ple but I won’t because they prob­a­bly couldn’t help it. We saw the play with our friend K, who came to vis­it all the way from Eng­land, and her mom. We spent some time catch­ing up while enjoy­ing Viet­namese food at our favourite (and only) Viet­namese place in town. Good times.

I can’t think of any­thing else to write about so I guess that’s all for now. Enjoy your sum­mer (or win­ter), be good and be safe!

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