Summer Earworms

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We’re already halfway past sum­mer­time but it’s no rea­son not to put up a sum­mer music mix. I made a mixed CD worth of around 6 hours of music (if not more) for our cot­tage week­end two weeks ago. I com­piled the songs by going to the Hype Machine and check­ing out some songs I’d nev­er heard of before, prefer­ably by artists I’d also nev­er heard of. I only lis­tened to the first 10 sec­onds or so of every song before decid­ing whether it made the cut or not so that when we lis­tened to the CD for the first time as we drove up to the cot­tage, we’d get some sur­pris­es. The biggest sur­prise was real­ly in the num­ber of ear­worms that end­ed up on the CD.

I’m not going to put up all the songs from the mixed CD here. I’ll just put up a dozen of the catchi­est, most infec­tious songs from the CD that I think you’d enjoy lis­ten­ing to while you’re dri­ving. At least one of these songs is guar­an­teed to get stuck in your head. :)

1. Rilo Kiley — Sci­ence vs. Romance
2. Suf­jan Stevens — Adlai Steven­son
3. The For­mat — The Lot­tery Song
4. The Pop Project — Hearts and Flow­ers
5. The Spin­to Band — Oh Mandy
6. Ben Kweller — Lol­lipop
7. Head­lights — TV
8. Death Ships — Sarah
9. Oh No! Oh My! — Walk in the Park
10. Lily Allen — Naive
11. Greg Laswell — Sing, There­sa Says
12. Stars — Ele­va­tor Love Let­ter

Okay, so I cheat­ed by includ­ing Rilo Kiley, Suf­jan Stevens, and Stars, but their songs are too catchy not to include on the CD. Each link leads to a page at the Hype Machine where you can lis­ten to the song or go to the cor­re­spond­ing blog post where you can find the mp3 for down­load. Well, except for Greg Laswell’s Sing, There­sa Says. I couldn’t find the song at the Hype Machine so I just linked it to his offi­cial home­page where you can watch the video. Enjoy, and let me know which song got stuck in your head! ;)

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