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Barn Door and Window

Okay, those of you who keep check­ing this blog for an update may rejoice because, at long last, there’s a new entry! You guys made me feel bad every time you showed up in my vis­i­tor sta­tis­tics. I’m such a lazy blog­ger. Oooh, ooh, and this is not just a new entry. It’s a new bul­let­ed entry! Hooray!

— We’re going to New­found­land this year! Or British Colum­bia! Or both! We don’t know yet! But we’re going some­where! Yay for trav­el­ling! We didn’t do any trav­el­ling last year. It was kind of sad.

– I only signed up for a Face­book account because I want­ed to be able to read Troy’s pro­file. But then I got addict­ed to chang­ing my sta­tus. But seri­ous­ly, social net­work­ing sites and I don’t real­ly mix because I’m an anti social.

– We went to a wed­ding on Fri­day night and we were seat­ed at the head table with the bride and the groom even though we were not in the wed­ding par­ty. That was a first for me. And the prime rib was humon­gous.

– I’ve been attempt­ing a redesign and I came up with a new design that was all Web Two-Oh yes­ter­day. Of course I end­ed up hat­ing it.

– Some­times I get tired of speak­ing Eng­lish and I’ll start speak­ing Indone­sian to Troy whose knowl­edge of Indone­sian lan­guage is lim­it­ed to a cou­ple of phras­es: “Aku cin­ta kamu” (I love you) and “Seekor anjing/kucing/kuda/sapi” (A dog/cat/horse/cow.) It’s always fun.

– Some­times I also get tired of writ­ing in Eng­lish and I’ll blog some­where else in my own lan­guage. I miss using my lan­guage.

– I also miss all the love­ly Indone­sian food, but my Indone­sian cook­ing is improv­ing. Hope­ful­ly some­one will be nice enough to take me to an Indone­sian restau­rant that serves authen­tic Indone­sian food for my birth­day. Hint, hint.

– I sug­gest­ed McFlur­ries for din­ner today, but alas, Troy wants to have some chick­en stir-fry. Mmm, Caramilk McFlur­ry. It’s so bad it’s good. It’s about the only thing I’d buy from McDonald’s.

– I wish some­one would spon­sor me to trav­el across Cana­da and take pic­tures with var­i­ous toy/plastic cam­eras and lat­er would pub­lish the pic­tures in a book. Oh yes. That’s the kind of thing I would love to do.

– I dream BIG. Some of my biggest dreams have actu­al­ly come true.

– I like stream of con­scious­ness blog writ­ing. As you may have noticed, I’m pret­ty ran­dom.

– I also like cheese­cake.

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  1. I ate a large bag of bar­beque ruf­fle chips for din­ner the oth­er night, I told Matt to fend for him­self because I wasn’t shar­ing. Some­times it’s good to have non-din­ner things for din­ner. Like a REALLY big plate of h’or douevres.

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