Still I Push My Barrow All the Day

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I don’t know why I’ve been lis­ten­ing to Eli, the Bar­row Boy by the Decem­berists (mp3) on repeat all morn­ing when it’s mak­ing me feel sad and depressed. I tru­ly am a glut­ton for pun­ish­ment.

Any­way, we went to a book sale in Elo­ra on Sat­ur­day and it was awe­some. It worth the 45 min­utes we spent stand­ing in line out in the cold. I picked up some fic­tions that I’d prob­a­bly nev­er fin­ish read­ing and some pho­tog­ra­phy books. Troy picked up even more books than I did, includ­ing a hard­cov­er copy of the Da Vin­ci Code that he got for $5. All the books would’ve been half-priced the next day but we couldn’t go because we had to be at Troy’s par­ents place. We did go there twice last year. I don’t think there was too many good books left the sec­ond day any­way. All in all, we picked up some 30-some­thing books — many are hard­cov­er — for $50-some­thing. I think it was quite a good deal.

I real­ly can’t wait for the long week­end, which is the week­end after this week­end. We’re going to dri­ve up to the cot­tage and spend the week­end with Troy’s par­ents and broth­er and sis­ter-in-law. We’re also think­ing of doing the trip up to Temis­cam­ing, Que­bec to have pou­tine like we did last year. Sure you can always have pou­tine any­where in Ontario, but it’s just not the same! :) I sure hope that the pou­tine place will still be in busi­ness because the next Que­be­cois town from that one is like many miles away.

In oth­er news, I’m try­ing to think of ways to make some mon­ey to send to my fam­i­ly in Indone­sia. My sis­ter-in-law had to have two surg­eries a cou­ple of months ago and now they’re deep in debt. Again. I real­ly can’t wait until I get my PR sta­tus so I could find myself a job, get a reg­u­lar income and be able to send some mon­ey home reg­u­lar­ly. Soon, I hope. Sigh.

I real­ly should go out and take pic­tures of the Tril­li­ums out in the woods before they dis­ap­pear for the year, espe­cial­ly since the next sev­er­al days are going to be rainy. It’s inter­est­ing that in the Wikipedia arti­cle, they men­tion that “[w]hile pop­u­lar belief exists that it is ille­gal to pick tril­li­ums in Ontario, no such law actu­al­ly exists.” Hrm. I won­der if it’s true.

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  1. Fir­da,
    There’s a pho­tog­ra­phy show in Toron­to this week­end-I don’t real­ly know many details, I heard it on the radio news whilst half asleep, but you’re good at inter­net research!
    I’m fair­ly cer­tain it’s at the ex

  2. I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, Fir­da, but I felt it was when I scanned it so I’ll dump you a link here (couldn’t find your email):
    “Cana­da — The New Home­land” — a pro­mo­tion­al Immi­gra­tion pam­phlet from the 1920s I believe.

  3. Hey Fir­da, I chanced upon ur “blog gen­er­a­tor” a few days ago and has used it as my blog tem­plate. How­ev­er I am expe­ri­enc­ing nav­i­ga­tions; every­thing just sticks to the left. I won­der why this hap­pen… could you help?
    (sor­ry, have to bug you here bcoz I could­nt find ur email else­where.)
    Thanks a lot!
    ps — u can drop by my blog to have a look at the prob­lem. =) cheers.

  4. I found your blog some­where and read it, enjoyed your shots at flickr also. gosh… i envy you :)
    any­way, just like annege, I tried your fir­damat­ic dan sama, semua jadi mepet ke kiri (saat win­dow hanya ter­bu­ka 1/2), habkan jadi beran­takan saat win­dow di max­i­mize (bisa dil­i­hat di link) Kena­pa ya?
    Saya udah remove the navbar den­gan tam­bah tag:
    #b-navbar {
    Pada­hal saya betul-betul jatuh cin­ta pada gen­er­a­tor­mu.
    Saya bosan banget sama tampi­lan stan­dar blog­ger (take a look at my pho­to­blog: dan ingin buat blog tulisan den­gan nuansa berbe­da.
    Bukan berar­ti saya pemalas, tapi sumpah, kalo saya nger­ti teknis­nya, saya mungkin akan pil­ih bikin sendiri… just like you :)
    Thanks a bunch Fir­da… Salam dari tanah air.

  5. Fir­da, I have found your bloglink from oth­ers blogger’s blog,and found it very inter­est­ing and pret­ty. The col­ors and images just fit very well. Nice work!

  6. Hey Fir­da, I have man­aged to do some­thing to my blog tem­plate and now it looks per­fect! thanks for the lay­out gen­er­a­tor! =)

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